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The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.

William Osler

Student Affairs Requests

IRB Approval

IRB Approval

If you wish to request an Internal Review Board (IRB) approval letter from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, please provide the information on the IRB Request form and submit.
Submit IRB Request Form
Jury Duty Excuse Request

Jury Duty Excuse Request

If you have received a jury duty summons and will be unable to fulfill that duty due to your academic and/or clinical schedule, please complete the Jury Duty Excuse Request form. The Office of Student Affairs will contact the applicable jury duty management office to request your jury duty be postponed until after you graduate.
Complete the Jury Duty Excuse Request Form

Disability Services Information

Any student who has questions or needs special accommodations for a disability, please call (414) 955-8256 and ask to speak to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.