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MoMS Program

MoMS (Mothers and Maternal Support) is an extracurricular medical student initiative that provides support for women who are pregnant.

MoMS Program Overview

About Us

Medical students at MCW began the MoMS program in 2002 for patients looking for extra support in their pregnancy.

In the MoMS program, first and second year medical students at MCW are matched with expectant mothers in the community. Students provide support and education, acting as a health resource for expectant mothers. The medical student attends prenatal appointments with the mom (including imaging, scanning, psychiatry visits and appointments through the Fetal Concerns Center of Wisconsin) and has the opportunity to be present at the patient's labor and delivery. 

Through the MoMS program, students will develop and practice patient advocacy, support and communications skills. In return, the moms will receive support throughout their pregnancy to help them remain comfortable, knowledgeable and healthy.

The MoMS program has been recently funded through a partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin/Marquette Alumni Association of Physicians as a recognized community engagement project. The MoMS program is also partnered with the OB Medical Home Initiative for state of Wisconsin Medicaid Patients, the Froedtert initiative for care coordination of patients at home and in clinic to improve outcomes. All referred patients are screened for the MoMS Program in clinic by the Froedtert Specialty Clinics OB Care Coordinators.

Student Information

Student Participation Overview

  • Attend patient prenatal visits and delivery
  • Research answers to questions the mother might have
  • Assist in connecting mothers with support agencies/services

Participation Guidelines

  • You will contact the mother within 3 days of being matched.
  • At first contact, you will introduce yourself and determine a time to meet with the mother. You may decide to meet independently from an appointment to get to know each other, or your first meeting may be the first appointment you two attend together. This is a decision you can make with your mom.
  • Leaving messages may not be dependable and you may have to repeatedly try to reach the mother until she makes contact. If problems arise with communication at any time throughout the match, email Sivani Aluru ( Please report communication problems as soon as they arise.
  • You will call your mom a day or two in advance of each appointment to confirm the appointment.
  • You will meet your mom at the appointment. Because of liability reasons students are not allowed to give their mom a ride.
  • Before the appointment, you will discuss what specific questions or topics she wants to discuss with the health care provider. Be ready to ask the provider for further clarification if your mom does not understand certain issues. You are an advocate for your mom and you will help her interact with the provider so that she has a safe and healthy pregnancy.
  • If there are further questions your mom has at the end of the appointment you will use additional resources to find literature to give to your mom at the next appointment.
  • At the end of each appointment you and your mom will make arrangements for the next appointment. Have your class schedule with you so you can schedule the appointment for a time that you can be there. It is understandable if you cannot make it to all appointments, but we ask that you try your best to attend the majority of the appointments. Specifically, attendance at 60% of the appointments is expected.
  • Contact Sivani Aluru ( if any problems or issues arise.


A mandatory orientation session is hosted in the fall for all interested students.

Patient Information

Patient Participant Overview

  • Inform students about prenatal visits
  • Communicate questions and needs
  • Contact student for labor and delivery

The MoMS program provides:

  • Emotional support
  • An advocate during your pregnancy
  • A resource to answer your healthcare questions
  • Support during your delivery

The MoMS program does not provide:

  • Financial support
  • Transportation
  • You a new medical provider

Participation is voluntary. Abstaining from participating in the program will not affect the quality of care you receive from our clinicians.


Contact Us

Please ask your healthcare provider about our program and contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to partnering with you for your pregnancy!

Clinical Coordinator
Melissa Knabe, MSN, CNM
(414) 805-4777


Care Coordinators
Shelly Hansen, RN, BSN

Cherrie Johnson, RN, MSN

Medical Student Program Coordinators
Allison Whorton
Mary Van Schaick

Former Program Directors
Esha Afreen and Megan Reinhard (2019) - Class of 2022
Elizabeth Jilek (2018) - Class of 2021
Sivani Aluru (2017) - Class of 2020

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