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Student Support Services

We provide a host of personal and professional development opportunities and services for medical students. Activities and services range from housing and M-1 Orientation information for prospective medical students to student activities, organizations, community service projects and senior class activities for enrolled students. We also provide support and a confidential space for students dealing with personal and academic issues.

Student Support Services Overview

Prospective Medical Students

Student Support Services is your best source for housing and M-1 Orientation information and resources.

Enrolled Medical Students

MCW has hundreds of different ways for you to develop the personal, professional and leadership skills you will need to become a well-rounded physician:

Student Assembly (SA): The first thing you will notice about MCW is that students are actively involved in campus decision making. SA provides a forum that enables all students to express individual and/or collective concerns on any matter and seek a resolution that is equitable and in the best interest of the student body as a whole. SA offers both elected and volunteer service opportunities.

Faculty Council Standing Committees and Executive Committees: If interested, you may also run to serve on a variety of faculty and staff committees ranging from Admissions and Curriculum to Food Service and the Bookstore.

Student Organizations and Interest Groups: You will have over 50 student organizations to choose from ranging from professional national groups such as AMA-MSS and AMSA to campus initiated groups such as the A Cappella Choir and a host of intramural teams. These organizations sponsor many activities, including the Black Bag Ball, Variety Fest, social events and intramural sports including volleyball, football, soccer and basketball. There are also career-oriented programs and community service projects. This is where you will make lifelong friendships.

Visit the Student Organizations and Interest Groups webpage

The Student Support Services Office provides support and guidance for a host of personal and academic issues that can arise during medical school. Sometimes you may just want to vent. Other times you might seek advice on which actions to take. We are happy to share our extensive knowledge and expertise with you to assist you in examining all of your options.

We look forward to making sure that student life at MCW is vibrant and ever changing to meet the needs of MCW students. Please let us know how we can help you enjoy and improve the quality of your experience at MCW.