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Meet Our MCW Collaborative for Healthcare Delivery Science (CHDS) Scholars

Implementing a Penicillin De-Labeling Protocol in the Pediatric Emergency Department (PED)

David Vyles_CHDS

David Vyles, DO, MS

Pediatrics-Emergency Medicine
2019-2020 Scholar
Mentored by David Brousseau, MD, MS & Liliana Pezzin, PhD, JD
  • Implemented a questionnaire to identify children at low-risk for true penicillin allergy based on previous research
  • Low-risk children engaged in penicillin oral-challenge, and, if successful, could be de-labeled as penicillin allergic in the medical record
  • Developed a new Best Practice Alert in EPIC to facilitate in updating changes to penicillin allergy
  • Facilitated the oral-challenge model becoming standard of care in the PED rather than by research mechanism
  • Expanding de-labeling protocol to primary care clinics
  • Work featured in the New York Times

The Rothman Index (RI) and Physician Utilization of Early Clinical Warning Systems

Erin Strong_CHDS
Erin Strong, MD, MBA, MPH General Surgery Resident

PGY4 Surgical Oncology
2019-2020 Scholar
Mentored by Kathlyn Fletcher, MD, MA; Sid Singh MD, MS, MBA; & Callisia Clarke, MD

  • Developed a qualitative assessment of physician engagement with the RI
  • Investigated the use of RI as a predictive tool for diagnosing postoperative pancreatic fistula after pancreatectomy in pancreatic cancer patients

Development of a Comprehensive Decision Support Model for Elderly Trauma Patients

Rachel Morris_CHDS
Rachel Morris, MS

Surgery Trauma & Critical Care
2020-2021 Scholar
Mentored by Kathlyn Fletcher, MD, MA; Marc de Moya, MD: & Christopher Tignanelli, MD
  • Developing a decision support model incorporating patient reported outcome measures to predict which treatments will optimize quality of life, minimize suffering, and limit non-beneficial treatments in geriatric trauma patients
  • Implementation of model into the EHR at MCW
  • Building on previous research creating a predictive algorithm for estimating in-hospital mortality in elderly patients with trauma based on readily available metrics

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Understanding the Patient Perspective in Acute Gallstone Disease: Adapting the Acute Care Surgery Model to Achieve Care Important to Patients

Patrick Murphy, MD, MSc, MPH

Surgery, Trauma, & Critical Care
2021-2022 Scholar
Mentored by Kathlyn Flynn, PhD; Heena Santry, MD, MS; & Kelly Vogt, MD, MSc


  • Aim: to understand the patient perspective in acute gallstone disease and adapt the acute care surgery model to achieve care important to patients
  • Use this data to further define high quality care in acute gallstone disease, and implement small changes to acute care surgery model at MCW and assess any changes in patient-reported outcomes in addition to traditional outcomes like mortality and length of stay