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Shared instruments to measure and profile immune cells, measure proteins, detect and quantify cellular functions of immune cells.
Cell Therapy Lab Resources

Bryon Johnson, PhD | Director, Cell Therapy Lab

This chip-based platform analyzes single cells for the production of 32 human cytokines or 28 mouse cytokines and effector molecules including effector, stimulatory, chemoattractive, regulatory and inflammatory mediators

Luminex Flexmap 3D
The FLEXMAP 3D® system combines differentially dyed fluorescent microsphere sets with an innovative instrument design to enable precise, flexible, rapid multiplexing of up to 500 unique assays within a single sample

xCELLigence RTCA
This instrument allows for measurement of immune cell cytotoxicity or cell death in a 96-well format

Bio-Rad digital drop PRC (ddPRC) System
Digital drop PCR (dPCR) enables precise, highly sensitive quantification of nucleic acids

MACSQuant 10 Flow Cytometer
This flow cytometer is a 10-parameter, 8-color flow cytometry analyzer that uses a CAR T Cell Express Mode Package design or one can create their own flow cytometry panels

Learn more about the Cell Therapy Lab's shared resources.

CRI Resources

Calvin Williams, MD, PhD | Director, CRI Lab

Galina Petrova, PhD | FLOW Core Manager

The FACSAria II operator-assisted high speed cell sorting in both standard and BSL-2+ modes. It has a 13 color 15-parameter custom-made high-speed digital bench-top cell sorter equipped with four adjustable excitation lasers (100 mW Blue, 50 mW 561nm Green, 100 mW Red and 100 mW violet).

The LSRII is a multi-laser flow cytometer that utilizes fixed-alignment lasers that transmit light reflected by mirrors through a flow cell to user-defined octagon and trigon arrays. These fluorescence signals are collected and translated to electronic signals then converted to digital data.

A two-laser (488nm, 615 nm), four-color, six-parameter, bench-top analyzer used primarily for evaluating surface and intracellular antigen expression, apoptosis detection, bead-based cytokine detection and cell-cycle analysis.

LSRFortessa X20
The analyzer can be configured with up to 5 lasers to detect up to 20 parameters simultaneously to support ever increasing demands in multicolor flow cytometry. A wide range of up to 34 laser choices is available as excitation sources, including blue, red, violet, yellow-green, and UV.

Wolf Cell Sorter
The sorter uses a totally different approach compared to conventional jet-in-air cell sorters. This is critical for sensitive cells like Stem Cells where high pressures can damage cells and affect their biological behavior. With an on-chip fast valve, NanoCellect’s sorting mechanism gently guides cells into collection channels.

Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression- 10X Genomics
Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling analyzes full length paired B-cell or T-cell receptors, surface protein expression, antigen specificity, and gene expression, all from a single cell.

BRI Resources

William Cashdollar, PhD | Director, Versiti Research Core Labs & Facilities

Benedetta Bonacci | Flow Core Laboratory Operator

Brad Best | Viral Vector Senior Research Technologist

Erin Yttre | Hybridoma & Microscopic Imaging Core Laboratory Operator

Marie Schulte, PhD | Microscopic Imaging Core Laboratory Operator

Flow Cytometry Core
Flow Cytometry Core contains Becton Dickinson cytometer systems; BD LSRII Cytometer, BD FACS Celesta, BD FACSAria Cell Sorter, BD FACS Melody Cell Sorter and Accuri C6 - Learn more

Viral Vector Core
Viral Vector Core provides services in the areas of vector design, gene silencing and protein expression, including construction, amplification, purification and titration - Learn more

Hybridoma Core
Hybridoma Core provides services and products related to the production of monoclonal antibodies.Basic procedures include mouse immunization, with immunogen provided by requestor. Subsequent boost and bleeds are done to check antibody titer in the animal. Spleen cells are fused with a non immunoglobulin-secreting mouse myeloma cell line - Learn more

Single Cell Core

Microscopic Imaging
Microscopic Imaging Core provides researchers access to a wide variety of microscope systems. The Core Lab staff trains users and provides guidance with image acquisition and analysis - Learn more

Learn more about the Versiti Research Core Lab's Home page.
Additional Shared Resources

Center for Immunology

Donna McAllister | Lab Supervisor



Amit Joshi, PhD | Director

Spectrum CT
IVIS 100

Center for Infectious Disease Research

Bioenergetics Core

Neuroscience Research Center



Transgenic cell lines and eukaryotic organisms engineered and available for shared use by MCW researchers.
Transgenic Expression

CXCR3a; CXCR3b; CXCR3a/b expressing Molt 4; Jurkat; SupT1; & Hh cell lines

  • Dwinell Lab

tdTomato/luciferase THP-1 & tdTomato/luciferase U-937

  • Dwinell Lab

Eukaryotic Organisms

C. albicans- several lab strains, KO strains, and transgenic strains

  • Huppler Lab

C. glabrata- reference strain

  • Huppler Lab

C. auris- multiple strains from CDC

  • Huppler Lab
Preclinical (mouse)

Knockout (Global)


  • Dwinell Lab


  • Tarakanova Lab


  • Tarakanova Lab


  • Tarakanova Lab


  • Tarakanova Lab


  • Tarakanova Lab

IL-10 KO

  • Lochhead Lab

IL12p40 KO

  • Kroner-Milsch Lab (VA transfer)


  • Kroner-Milsch Lab (VA transfer)

IL17ra KO

  • Huppler Lab


  • Huppler Lab

IL23p19 KO ( MTA from Genentech)

  • Kroner-Milsch Lab (VA transfer)

Hemopexin KO

  • Kroner-Milsch Lab (VA transfer)


  • Kroner-Milsch Lab (VA transfer)


  • Huppler Lab

Knockout (Conditional)

KRas G12D; p53 mutant; p48-Cre

  • Lomberk & Dwinell Labs

STAT1fl/fl (crossed to LyzM-Cre, CD19-Cre, or dLck-Cre)

  • Tarakanova Lab

IRF-1fl/fl (crossed to CD19-Cre or dLck-Cre)

  • Tarakanova Lab

IL-1R1 fl/fl (crossed to CD19-Cre or dLck-Cre)

  • Tarakanova Lab

Shp1 fl/fl (crossed to CD19-Cre)

  • Tarakanova Lab


MHC-II reporter B6

  • Lochhead Lab

Partner Centers and Resources

Contact information and brief description of expertise and additional shared resources on campus.
Biostatistics Consulting Service

Biostatistics Consulting Services include assistance with design and analysis of clinical trials, observational studies, surveys, assistance with public databases, sample size and power calculations and interpretation.

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Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Research

The Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Research (MS Center) can assist investigators in completing simple projects using predefined fee-for-service workflows. This unique collaborative model enables them to offer a broader range of customized analysis types beyond what you might find in a typical “core” facility.

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Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Center (GSPMC)

The GSPMC invites investigators of all disciplines and experience levels to a complimentary consultation with their subject matter experts.

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Program of Chemical Biology
Brian Volkman, PhD | Director

Brian Smith | Associate Director

The Program in Chemical Biology (PCB) provides resources in structure-based drug design, protein production, and organic synthesis to the MCW community for chemical biology and medicinal chemistry projects. The PCB encourages investigators interested in the development and use of small molecules for basic and translational research to take advantage of its capabilities which include; small-molecule library screening using NMR and other biophysical techniques, recombinant protein expression and purification, organic synthesis, and computational docking and homology modeling of proteins and small-molecule: protein interactions

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