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Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Medicine Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Medical College of Wisconsin, the Department of Medicine and the Internal Medicine residency are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to reduce and eliminate health care disparities, through reflective clinical practice, a purposeful curriculum and relevant research. One of our Internal Medicine Residency program’s missions is to build a more diverse workforce that mirrors the community we serve. We believe a diverse workforce strengthens our program and adds value to all aspects of health care. We strive to provide an inclusive environment that teaches equitable healthcare practices and opportunities for voices to be heard and valued. We strive to build upon our already supportive environment to create a place where all residents thrive.

Ongoing Work

General information

Curricular thread during residency regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): during intern orientation, academic half day, core skills, clinic conference, and professional development days. Examples include:

  • Implicit bias training during orientation
  • Poverty Simulation Activity
  • LGBTQIA + Medicine
  • Microaggression and Bystander Training
  • Shining a Light on Structural Racism in Medicine and Medical Education
  • Health Policy and Advocacy
  • Orientation activity at America’s Black Holocaust Museum led be general internal medicine faculty.

Quality improvement projects involving social determinants of health

Inclusion Clinic

Continuity Clinic at 16th Street Clinic. A community health clinic, largely serving a Latinx population, but also serves a low-income community of diverse backgrounds.

Beyond Medicine series:

  • Focused on the social determinants of health and DEI-related topics. The sessions are led by local experts of each topic. While the sessions main audience is residents, faculty and students join the sessions and participate in the discussion. Example topics include:
    • Stigmatizing Language in the Medical Record
    • LGBTQIA + Patient Perspective of Healthcare
    • Gun Violence
    • Sequelae of Military Service
    • Poverty
  • Sessions are scheduled quarterly at the noon hour, with large and small group discussions of various key articles and incorporation of patient cases into the session. Goals of the series include:
    • To improve knowledge and awareness of social determinants of health can core DEI concepts encountered during patient care.
    • To improve all participants’ comfort in addressing social determinants of health concerns.
    • To create a safe space to have discussion around social justice, equity, and advocacy in healthcare and medical education.
Highlighted writings from our residents and program leadership

On Inclusion, Diversity, and Why Black Lives Matter Too: What our MCW Community BLM Protests Mean to our Colleagues of Color (PDF)
Leroy J. Seymour, MD, MS
Internal Medicine Resident, PGY1

Racism is a Public Health Crisis: When Will We Decide It Matters? (PDF)
Kristen Pallok, MD and Shaina Sekhri, MD
Internal Medicine Residents, PGY2

Authenticity, Selflessness, Courage, and Team (PDF)
Kathlyn Fletcher, MD, MA, Lily Littrell and Luke Littrell

An Open Letter to My Colleagues (PDF)
Loren Nunley, MD, MBA

Publication examples of departmental commitment in reducing disparities


Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine Diversity & Inclusion Council
The Department of Medicine’s Diversity and Inclusion Council is dedicated to promoting a departmental culture of inclusivity, equity and diversity. The council strives to maintain a sense of equality by removing hierarchy, having open and honest discussions, sharing experiences and educating others. The council meets monthly to discuss ongoing goals towards improving current standards of recruitment regarding underrepresented backgrounds and create new strategies to attract and retain these individuals. The council also works to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all that work in the department of medicine.



Office of Diversity and Inclusion
At MCW, diversity is a source of strength. We practice equity and advance inclusion through who we are, what we do, and how we work to achieve excellence in our missions and knowledge changing life in all communities we serve.

Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee
The MCW Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee (DIAC) is dedicated to developing an institutional culture that fosters the recruitment, nurturing and retention of a diverse student body, trainees, staff and faculty that is reflective of our larger community. The committee engages in thoughtful discussions to propose initiatives and develop comprehensive strategies to facilitate equal opportunity and diversity in MCW’s educational, clinical and research programs and in our internal and external communities.

MCWAH Underrepresented in Medicine Committee
The Underrepresented in Medicine (URM) Committee is committed to promoting diversity at MCWAH and is here as a resource for residents and fellows. Through networking opportunities, community involvement and social activities, we are here to support your career development. The URM committee typically has meetings every other month (Thursdays at 6:00 pm). Any residents or fellows are welcome to attend.