Resident Life


We recognize the importance of a personal and professional life throughout one's residency training program. We strive to provide a collegial, supportive, nurturing environment for all our housestaff. This is done through careful planning and attention to residents' individual schedules, call responsibilities, and support from the residency administrative staff.

During each training year, residents attend a retreat geared toward their current PGY class. The retreats provide an opportunity to meet for educational sessions on topics not typically considered part of a standard residency curriculum, such as "applying to fellowship programs" and "life after residency: considerations when job hunting". They also include time for relaxing and socializing.

In addition, a series of social gatherings are scheduled throughout the year including, residency-sponsored sports teams, an annual curling outing, Resident/Faculty bowling and golf tournaments, our competitive competition of useless knowledge titled "College Bowl," Milwaukee Brewers baseball games, monthly “Chief Rounds” to celebrate the end of each rotation and the resident graduation banquet.

The Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals (MCWAH) also has a wonderful support group for residents’ significant others and families, the Residents' Spouse Association.