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Medical College of Wisconsin Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Our Vision: Healthy and Thriving Communities

MCW's just cause is to improve health for all. We envision a healthier world that is just, equitable, and thriving for everyone, a world where social and human differences are drivers of health and wellbeing, not barriers. We are committed to the intentional actions it will take to achieve this vision.
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Making Human and Social Differences Our Source of Strength

To achieve our vision, we must make our human and social differences a source of strength. Social identities are the result of constructs shaped by social norms. There are many dimensions of difference, but diversity scholars suggest key dimensions1 of human and social difference, called the "Big 8", present persisting challenges and opportunities to organizations. The dimensions found among MCW’s people and stakeholders include race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, geographic origin/nationality, mental/physical (dis)ability status, religion, age, and role and functional/military background. Finding strength from the interaction of these critical differences provides the best opportunities to build a high-performing organization and contribute to a thriving society. Making our human differences a strength requires inclusion. Inclusion requires intentional, strategic action across four domains called Inclusive Excellence.
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Inclusive Excellence

Realizing our vision of a healthy and thriving community for everyone means facing a world of disruption and complex system challenges. There are no single, easy, or quick solutions. Complex systems problems require solutions produced from many perspectives, ways of thinking that generate new ideas, and new knowledge.

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1"Handbook of Diversity Management: Inclusive Strategies for Driving Organizational Excellence" – Overview of the Field of Diversity Management pp 32.