Medical College of Wisconsin Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee (DIAC)

The MCW Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee (DIAC) is dedicated to developing an institutional culture that fosters the recruitment, nurturing and retention of a diverse student body, trainees, staff and faculty that is reflective of our larger community. The committee engages in thoughtful discussions to propose initiatives and develop comprehensive strategies to facilitate equal opportunity and diversity in MCW’s educational, clinical and research programs and in our internal and external communities. 

MEGs and Affinity Groups

The Mission Engagement Groups (MEGs) and Affinity Groups of the Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee (DIAC) are MCW-supported groups of faculty, staff, students and trainees that identify and lead actions to advance critical domains for inclusive excellence and promote the strategic goals of MCW, Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) and the DIAC. The Groups serve as diversity and inclusion ambassadors to the MCW community and its partners.
Active MEGs and Affinity Groups include: 
  • Recruitment and Retention MEG (RRMEG)
  • Community Citizenship MEG (CCMEG)
  • Culture of Inclusion MEG (COIMEG)
  • MCW Military Resource Group (MMRG)