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Orthopaedic Surgery Medical Student Education

Orthopaedic Medical Student Awards 

The Bruce J. Brewer MD Endowed Student Award in Orthopaedic Surgery
The Bruce J. Brewer, MD Endowed Student Award at the Medical College of Wisconsin is awarded by the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery to the most outstanding graduating senior medical student who plans to pursue a career in Orthopaedic Surgery. Kathryn Brewer (Mrs. Bruce Brewer) established the Bruce J. Brewer, MD Endowed Student Award Fund in December of 1999 to be first awarded for the academic year 2000-2001.

2022 Dylan Wiese
2021 Garrett Berger
2020 Austin Middleton
2019 Nicholas Ganon
2018 Carolyn Meinerz
2017 Nicholas Munaretto
2016 Peter Ostergaard
2015 Christopher J. Whalen
2014 Kenneth C. Berg
2013 Jessica M. Hanley
2012 Lance G. Jacobson
2011 Blake W. Hildahl
2010 Benjamin J. Lasee
2009 Zachary S. Jager
2008 Joel E. Hein
2007 Daniel A. Wartinbee
2006 Thomas C. Smedberg
2005 Scott C. Hicks
2004 Timothy I. Mullin
2003 Kathryn L. Sipiorski
2002 Kurtis S. Staples
2001 Joseph P. Nemanich
The Walter P. Blount Award in Orthopaedic Surgery

The Walter P. Blount Award for Orthopaedics is given in honor of Dr. Blount, former Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, to the senior medical student who has demonstrated unusual interest and talent in comprehending musculoskeletal disease and injury during the senior orthopaedic rotation. This is our opportunity to recognize students who represent the best that MCW has to offer. The Walter P. Blount Award for Orthopaedics was first awarded in 1989 at the Medical College of Wisconsin Graduation.

2022 Troy Lenz
2021 Andrew Kleven
2020 Clark Andrews
2019 John McKeon
2018 Adam Hadro
2017 Rachel Muscott
2016 Jacob Wilson
2015 Kristen L. Roensch
2014 Darren S. Nabor
2013 Scott A. Kuzma
2012 Jesse E. Bauwens
2011 Samuel R. H. Steiner
2010 Jonathan H. Quade
2009 David C. Eggert
2008 Jared J. Tyson
2007 Joseph M. Kroner
2006 Brandon J. Rebholz
2005 Joseph C. McCormick III
2004 Melvin D. Helgeson
2003 James A. Foley
2002 Tomiko Fukuda
2001 Todd J. Duellman
2000 John C. Hung
1999 Matthew R. Bong
1998 Todd W. Havener
1997 No Award Given
1996 Bindu S. Bamrah
1995 Hong-Sheng Zhu
1994 Robert C. Seipel
1993 Daniel W. Guehlstorf
1992 Joshua H. Urvater
1991 Raylene L. Gordon
1990 Todd T. Barnhardt
1989 David C. Riley