Pancreatic Cancer Hero

Pancreatic Cancer

The right team makes a true difference

No other team will work harder to help you live longer

Pancreatic cancer is a challenging disease to fight, but it’s not impossible. Having the right team of doctors can make all the difference. At MCW, our team of doctors and professionals have international recognition for their work finding new ways to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer. It’s a team that includes the fourth best pancreatic surgeon in the world, Dr. Evans. When you come to us, our team becomes your team. This is why you should start your pancreatic cancer care with us, because no one will work harder to help you beat this.

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Dr Doug Evanscropped800x450

Douglas B. Evans, MD

Professor in Surgery and Chairman, Donald C. Ausman Family Foundation Professor of Surgery

Dr Susan Tsai

Susan Tsai, MD, MHS

Associate Professor

Dr Kathleen K Christianscropped800x450

Kathleen K. Christians, MD


Dr Callisia N Clarkecropped800x450

Callisia N. Clarke, MD

Assistant Professor

Radiation Oncologists


Advanced Gastroenterologists