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Opportunities for patients

Our multidisciplinary treatment approach to pancreatic cancer requires several different kinds of treatments, including clinical trials. Our program incorporates a robust volume of clinical trials for every stage of pancreatic cancer treatment. At MCW, we provide expanded treatment opportunities for our pancreatic cancer patients. Our investigators are at the front lines of medicine and innovation through basic science research and pioneering novel clinical trials.

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PANCREAS Clinical Trial- NEW

Using next generation sequencing techniques, scientists have recently defined pancreatic cancer as having two distinct molecular subtypes (classical and basal-like). Importantly, these subtypes may be predictive of response to chemotherapy. With generous support from the Seena Magowitz Foundation (Mattress Firm), our program has an active clinical trial which utilizes state of the art molecular profiling of endoscopic biopsy samples to determine cancer subtype. Based on the cancer subtype, patients will receive a tailored chemotherapy program prior to surgery. This trial is the first to tailor treatment by cancer subtype and will provide critically important information to further our understanding of personalized medicine (NCT04683315).

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Open Clinical Trials at our Institution

Success Through Clinical Trials & Collaboration

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First Prospective Clinical Trial Using Molecular Profiling

Our program completed the first prospective clinical trial that utilized molecular profiling of endoscopic ultrasound guided biopsies to tailor neoadjuvant therapy in patients with operable pancreatic cancer. The median overall survival of the 107 patients who were able to complete neoadjuvant therapy and surgery was 45 months (Tsai et al. Ann Surg 2018). Results of this trial demonstrated, for the first time, that molecular profiling can be performed from biopsy samples and may improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy in patients with pancreatic cancer.
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MCW & Destroy Pancreatic Cancer’s Collaboration

Founded in 2017 by John Couvillon (treated on a clinical trial here at MCW), Destroy Pancreatic Cancer has one simple mission: To destroy pancreatic cancer. DPC’s goal is to establish hope and a plan for ALL pancreatic cancer patients. This organization is committed to supporting access to cutting edge translational research and clinical trials performed under a true collaborative model.

A Tribute to DPC’s Founder John Couvillon

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