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Ronald Burklund Eich Biorepository & Clinical Database

The LaBahn Pancreatic Cancer Program supports an integrated biobank with an extensive biorepository and robust clinical database. The Ronald Burklund Eich biorepository captures samples from a broad spectrum of diseases including: benign lesions, pre-malignant tumors, and malignant tumors. Serial longitudinal blood samples are collected starting at screening, into diagnosis, during/after treatment, and even post-mortem. The database centralizes storage of patient data and encompasses variables such as demographics, lab results, treatment specifics, outcomes and more. The biorepository is a key feature of the program that drives research initiatives from early detection biomarkers and drug optimization, to disease progression studies.

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Specimen Collection

Research personnel visit the clinic daily to talk to patients about contributing data and specimen to the Ronald Burklund Eich biorepository. For patients consented, we collect a variety of different specimen types depending on their diagnosis and stage of treatment. All specimens are collected during routine procedures that are necessary for a patient’s treatment or diagnosis.

Quick Facts

About our Specimen

  • Tissue specimens are collected when a patient undergoes a surgical procedure. 
  • Blood products are taken and banked by research staff only during routine lab draw.
  •  For patients who have a diagnosis that is potentially related to pancreatic cancer, we may collect specimens during those standard of care procedures.

Specimen types collected

  • Blood plasma
  • Blood serum
  • PBMCs
  • Tumor tissue
  • Normal tissue


Biorepository Director

Susan Tsai, MD, MHS, FACS
Division of Surgical Oncology

General Inquires

Melissa Mena
Pancreas Program Manager


Questions or Inquires

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