Lomberk Research Laboratory

Located in the Health Resource Center (HRC) 5th Floor

Lomberk Lab with Guillermo Urrutia and Dr. Gwen Lomberk

Mission Statement

To advance the discovery of fundamental epigenetic mechanisms and apply this knowledge to develop better therapeutic strategies in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Gwen Lomberk, PhD
Principal Investigator (PI)
Chief, Division of Research
Director, Basic Science Research
Department of Surgery
Associate Professor of Surgery and Pharmacology & Toxicology
Medical College of Wisconsin
(414) 955-2440

Research Summary

The Lomberk lab is focused on epigenomic-based pharmacology to serve as a robust tool to improve the future treatment of cancer. Dr. Lomberk’s research program has explored novel combination strategies to treat pancreatic and other cancers, specifically based on leveraging cell cycle inhibitors in efforts to enhance future use of epigenetic inhibitors. Broader research interests are focused on the epigenetic landscapes that characterize cancer subtypes, as well as refining the utility of epigenetic inhibitors for treatment and re-sensitization to conventional therapies.

Members of the Lab

Ann Salmonson
Ann Salmonson
Lab Manager
Guillermo Urrutia, MD
Guillermo Urrutia, MD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Maddy Dzikowski
Madeline Dzikowski
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Research in the Lomberk Lab is supported by funding from:

  • R01: NCI - Novel Experimental Therapeutics for Pancreatic Cancer
  • R01: NIDDK - The Role of Zinc Finger Cofactors in Pancreatic Cell Growth
  • AHW: Epigenetic Pathways in Pancreatic Cancer
  • AHW: Establishing Wisconsin's First Cancer Precision Medicine Simulation Unit
  • Theodore W. Batterman Family Foundation Grant - Pathogenic Characterization of Germline Variants in Pancreatic Cancer
  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation - Epigenomic landscape in liver cancer

Contact Us

Gwen Lomberk, PhD
(414) 955-2440

Ann Salmonson
Lab Manager
(414) 955-2121

Medical College of Wisconsin
Health Resource Center (HRC)
8701 Watertown Plank Rd., 5th Flr
Milwaukee, WI  53226

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