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make a secure donationIn a bold move to advance the future of healthcare in the state, the Medical College of Wisconsin has opened two new medical school campuses in Green Bay and Central Wisconsin. Through collaboration with regional civic, academic, and healthcare partners, the new campuses are preparing the next generation of family practitioners, general surgeons, and psychiatrists with demonstrated enthusiasm for future practice in Wisconsin communities, particularly in areas where doctors are need the most.

The regional campuses are leaders in medical education innovations such as three-year medical education curriculum, collaborative science and clinical learning, multi-directional technology learning environments, and community-engagement. The campuses blend the excellent educational resources that MCW provides with the opportunity to learn in a community similar to that where students will eventually practice. By employing a three-year curriculum model with early clinical experiences, students will begin their practice as community physicians one year sooner, with reduced medical college debt.

As of July 2017, MCW-Green Bay has achieved full enrollment with 80 medical students and will graduate its first class of physicians on June 1, 2018. MCW-Central Wisconsin has 50 medical students and will achieve full enrollment in July 2018 with its first graduation in June 2019. Over 85% of regional campus medical students are Wisconsin state residents. The inaugural cohorts of students at both campuses have demonstrated a pioneering spirit in being part of the first new medical school campuses to open in the state of Wisconsin in 100 years.

The costs of MCW-Central Wisconsin and MCW-Green Bay are relatively modest. In today’s environment, the cost of establishing a new stand-alone medical school could easily exceed $100 million. MCW is reducing start-up costs to a $17 million budget per campus by working with local healthcare partners to share facilities, while focusing on a cost effective curriculum. Support for funding the launch of the regional campuses is coming from State of Wisconsin appropriations, Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment Fund, tuition, and a philanthropy. Each campus is targeting $7.5 million in philanthropic support during the campus launch campaign, as we strive toward future sustainability. Eventually, 75 students will be enrolled concurrently at each campus. At that time, it is anticipated that operations will become self-sustaining based on tuition.

Gifts for MCW-Green Bay and/or MCW-Central Wisconsin support the ongoing launch efforts in recruiting, training, and retaining teaching faculty, strengthening technology and contemporary learning tools, as well as programmatic expenses such as pipeline initiatives to encourage high school students to consider a career as a physician. Gifts to scholarship and student support help students from all financial backgrounds to achieve their dream of pursuing medical education at our regional campuses.

In supporting this initiative, Wisconsin families will be the ultimate beneficiaries for your gift, when future MCW alumni physicians care for patients across the state – from healthy babies to senior citizens in need of compassionate geriatric care.

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