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Biophysics Awards

We recognize the scientific, scholarly, and service contributions of our personnel.

James S. Hyde Research Award

This award recognizes a faculty member whose research has advanced our fundamental understanding of biological systems through the development of novel techniques, concepts, theory, models, or applications.

Biophysics Scholar Award

This award recognizes an outstanding contribution to biophysical research by a graduate or postdoctoral scholar.

Biophysics Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes exemplary service and contributions beyond achievements in research.

2023 Award Recipients

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James S. Hyde Research Award

Recipient: Michael T. Learch, PhD

Meet Dr. Lerch
Awards 2023_Duenweg_Image Card Component

Biophysics Scholar Award

Recipient: Savannah Duenweg

Meet Ms. Duenweg
Awards 2023_Thelaner_Image Card_Component

Biophysics Outstanding Service Award

Recipient: Timothy Thelaner

Meet Mr. Thelaner
Awards 2023_Raman Lerch Smiles_Image Card_Component

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recipient: Balaraman Kalyanaraman, PhD

Meet Dr. Kalyanaraman