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Ophthalmology Events

  • Distinguished Lecture Series

    Five distinguished guests from different institutions lecture at the Eye Institute Vision Science Distinguished Lecture Series each year.

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  • Grand Rounds

    The Eye Institute holds a Grand Rounds lecture event monthly featuring a variety of speakers from both MCW and around the country.

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  • Midwinter Retina Symposium

    The Eye Institute annual Midwinter Retina Symposium offers attendees insight into the latest advancements and techniques in medical and surgical retina.

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  • Vision Science Forum

    The Vision Science Forum is a series of lectures and gatherings for the purpose of fostering the connections between all members of the vision science community at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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Contact Ophthalmology

For patient care inquires, call us at (414) 955-2020 or use MyChart. Email is for research and education inquiries only.

Eye Institute Location

925 N. 87th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53226



(414) 955-2020

(414) 955-6166 (fax)


Continuing Medical Education

Mary Schafer


(414) 955-7840


Medical Education Coordinator

Leslie Bencivenga

lbencive@mcw.edu or Ophth-Residency@mcw.edu


Director of Development - Ophthalmology

Gina Vrtochnick


(414) 805-3309

Refer to Us - Consultation requests

Physician Referral Form (PDF)

Fax to (414) 955-0136


Emergent Requests

Within 48 hours call

(414) 955-2020



Vesper Williams


(414) 955-7862


Advanced Ocular Imaging Program


(414) 955-2647



Juliann Kelly


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