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Vision Research at the Eye Institute is organized according to our four Core Modules: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Morphology & Microscopic Imaging, Noninvasive Assessment of Animal Modules, and Engineering & Translational Imaging. Our Adaptive Optics Imaging Program (AOIP)Ocular Gene Therapy (OGT) Laboratory, transgenic mouse and rat facility and zebrafish vivarium are just a few of our featured technologies.


Biochemistry - Molecular Biology

Transgenic and gene knockout zebrafish technologies
Proteomics/Mass spectrometry
Precision CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing (rat, zebrafish, human, iPSCs)
Mouse and rat transgenic facility


Noninvasive Assessment of Animal Models

Imaging of small and large animal models
Expertise in zebrafish, ground squirrel, mini swine, rats and mice.

Bruker 9.4T MRI
Dedicated to small animals


Engineering and Translational Imaging

Clinical devices
OCT, OCT angiography, fundus imaging, ERG/VEP, microperimetry, visual fields

Three adaptive optics imaging systems

Enables noninvasive imaging of the living human retina,
with sufficient resolution to resolve individual rod and cone photoreceptors


Morphology and Microscopic Imaging

Electron microscopy
Complete tissue processing facilities
Immunoelectron microscopy
Negative staining
Enzyme cytochemistry
Ultrastructural electron tomography

Confocal microscopy

Multichannel, high-resolution acquisition of fluorescent structures
Antibody detection of native proteins
Fixed and live cell imaging

Super resolution microscope
Structured illumination microscopy


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