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Medical College of Wisconsin Womens Sports Medicine Program

Our program provides specialized care for female athletes and their special needs and challenges. A subspecialty of the Sports Medicine Center, this female patient-oriented program is one of an elite few comprehensive sports programs in the country. The physical, medical and psychological issues of the female athlete are the focus of our team of experienced providers.


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About Our Program

Our Focus

Our Focus

  • Stress fractures, fractures and dislocations

  • Muscle, tendon and ligament injuries

  • Overuse injuries

  • Injuries to the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, ankle, back and neck

  • Exercise-related medical challenges (asthma, anemia)

  • ACL prevention programs

  • Arthroscopic Surgery
Our Services

Our Services

  • Physical therapy

  • Injury prevention and performance enhancement

  • Nutrition

  • Research Programs, such as The Female Athlete Triad: Disordered Eating, Amenorrhea (lack of menstrual periods) and Osteoporosis

  • Osteoporosis Screening

  • Sports Psychology

  • Pregnant Athlete Exercise Programs
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Women's Sports Medicine Program Providers


Laura Gottschlich, DO

Associate Professor


William G. Raasch, MD

Professor, Division Director


Craig C. Young, MD



Karie Zach, MD

Associate Professor