Cytopathology/FNA Cytology

The division of Cytopathology, under the direction of Tamara Giorgadze, MD, PhD, plays a major role in our mission. The division is at the cutting edge of diagnostic services in several areas, especially cancer diagnosis. It plays a crucial role in supporting the mission of the Cancer Center in areas as diverse as head and neck, thoracic, breast, gynecology and pancreaticobiliary oncology.

Various measures have been instituted to improve performance, of which noteworthy are the establishment of a daily peer review conference in cytopathology which serves as a great quality assurance/control and teaching tool; and a greater degree of cytopathologist support for immediate adequacy evaluation and triaging of cytopathology specimens.

In an era where biopsies are increasingly obtained by minimally invasive procedures, it is vital that great attention is paid to immediate evaluation and triaging to obtain maximal diagnostic, prognostic and predictive information from these small biopsies. Our turnaround time is consistently at 24-48 hours for greater than 90% of non-GYN specimens.

Cytopathology/FNA Cytology Faculty


Tamara Giorgadze, MD, PhD


Program Director, Cytopathology Fellowship


Bryan C. Hunt, MD

Assistant Professor


Lauren Parsons, MD

Associate Professor