Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Clinical Research

Physicians and researchers associated with the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Clinical Cancer Center are members of several research groups that offer cancer trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Our researchers also participate in university consortiums as well as develop and manage trials funded with grants from the Medical College of Wisconsin and other sources. Because of this, we can offer the latest in treatment options that often are not yet available outside the research setting. Our interdisciplinary approach to cancer care and cancer research is evident by the strong relationship between radiology, surgical oncology, medical oncology, and radiation oncology.

The Department of Radiation Oncology is a leader in the NRG Oncology group, previously Radiation Therapy Oncology Group. (RTOG). NRG Oncology is part of the National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN). The NCTN is a collection of organizations and clinicians that coordinate and support cancer clinical trials across the United States and Canada. Our department has been a full member institution since 1979. We are the lead department in the VA research program and has consistently been one of the highest enrollers to NRG/RTOG studies with recognition for excellence in data quality. Many of our faculty have leadership roles in facets of NRG while pursuing individual research quests to prevent and treat cancer as well as minimize effects of cancer therapies on normal tissue.

In 2012, the Department of Radiation Oncology became a founding member of the Elekta MR-Linac Consortium. This consortium was formed to bring integrated magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and radiation therapy delivery into the clinic. The department has been extensively involved in developing and optimizing elements of the technology and clinical trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of MR-guided RT, particularly, in the areas of developing plan adaptation strategies, optimizing MR imaging techniques, designing innovative adaptive radiation therapy treatments for pancreatic cancer. The Chair of the department, Dr. Schultz, is the current Chair of the consortium.

If you are interested in learning more about clinical research studies available through the Department of Radiation Oncology, please call (414) 805-4377. For more information on clinical trials offered through the Froedtert & MCW Clinical Cancer Center, call (414) 805-3666 or (800) 272-3666.

Additional Research Areas

Radiotherapy Physics Research

Radiotherapy Physics Research

The medical physics research team in the department, consisting of physics faculty, research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scientists and students, are conducting research to develop innovative methods and technologies to improve accuracy, effectiveness and safety of radiation therapy planning and delivery. Major areas of research include:

  • Adaptive radiation therapy (ART): ART is a state-of-the-art approach that uses a treatment feedback process to account for patient-specific anatomic and/or biological changes, thus, delivering highly individualized radiation therapy for cancer patients. The physics team is working to improve/develop practical offline, online and real-time ART techniques, particularly, in the areas of dose accumulation, accelerating online adaptation, assessment of inter- and intra-fraction variations with CT and MRI and fast replanning to address intra-fraction motion, ART strategies for various tumor sites including pancreas, prostate and lung.
  • Quantitative imaging for ART: A key to the success of ART is the early detection of anatomic and/or biological changes for plan adaptation. These biological changes include the tumor and/or normal tissue characteristics and responses to radiation therapy as assessed using multimodality quantitative imaging before, during and after the delivery of radiation therapy. The group is focusing on optimizing acquisitions and analyses of quantitative MRI and CT during radiation therapy delivery.
  • Delta radiomics: Image derived radiomic features can measure spatial heterogeneity of a tumor and can detect spatial response variations. The group is working on measuring changes of radiomic features in longitudinal images, i.e. delta-radiomics features (DRFs), to identify, quantify and predict radiation therapy induced changes over the course of treatment. DRFs assess the relative net change of the radiomic features over time and can be derived from a variety of metrics in conjunction with clinical outcome. The presence of a trend in DRF during the course of treatment may indicate good or poor response to the treatment. Detecting treatment response in an early stage during the treatment would allow adjusting the treatment according to the patient or tumor specific response, and hence, delivering highly personalized adaptive treatment to the patient.
  • Outcome modeling for treatment planning: Physical quantities, such as dose and dose-volume metrics are unlikely to predict patient response to radiation therapy. The dose-response models have been included in commercial treatment planning systems and play an increasingly important role in radiation treatment planning. The group are working on develop these dose response models to assess and even to predict treatment outcome for various tumor sites including prostate, breast lung, liver, pancreas, and normal structures (liver, lung, heart, parotid glands, rectum, kidneys).

Learn more about the research interests of our physics faculty and staff.

Radiation Biology Research

Radiation Biology Research

Himburg Radiation Biology Research Lab

  • Radiation damage to normal tissues
    • Hematopoietic Acute Radiation Syndrome (H-ARS)
    • Delayed Effects of Acute Radiation Exposure (DEARE)
  • Immunological Mechanisms of Cancer Resistance to Radiation Therapy
Translational Basic Research Program

Translational Basic Research Program

Translational research takes basic research from the laboratory for implementation into the clinical setting, often being described as "bench to bedside" research. Researchers in the Department of Radiation Oncology are involved in several translational and basic research programs in the following areas:

Radiation Biology

  • Low dose rate irradiation
  • Radiation damage to normal tissues

Molecular Biology

  • Biomarkers for radiation responses

Radiation Physics

  • Adaptive Radiation Therapy (online and offline)
  • Outcome modeling for treatment planning
  • Motion management
  • Anatomic/biological/functional imaging (CT, CBCT, MRI, PET) for treatment planning and delivery

Research Presented at National and International Meetings

Research Presented in 2020

ASTRO Annual Meeting
October 24-28, 2020
Miami, FL – Virtual meeting

  • Deep Learning-based Auto-segmentation on CT and MRI for Abdominal Structures. A. Amjad, J. Xu, D. Thill, N. O'Connell, L Buchanan, IK Jones, WA Hall, BA Erickson, XA Li
  • The Influence of the Pretreatment Host Immune State on Response to Radiation Therapy in High Risk Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate: A Validation Study from NRG Oncology/RTOG 0521 (Updated). WA Hall, TG Karrison, SA Rosenthal, M Amin, LG Gomella, JA Purdy, O Sartor, JM Michalski, M Garzotto, C Bergom, A. Jani, CAF Lawton, J Simko, J Moore, EM Gore, WR Lee, PL Nguyen, BL Danielson, HM Sandler, FY Feng
  • A Potential Synergistic Role of Radiation Therapy with Targeting of the CCL2 – CCR2 Signaling Axis in a Murine Model of Breast Cancer. P Vempati, L Puckett, C Evans, J Dassler-Plenker, J Curtis, M Egeblad
  • The Patterns of Care, Tolerability and Safety in the First Year of a Novel High Field MR-Linac. SR de Mol van Otterloo, JP Christodouleas, ELA Blezer, D Cobben, BA Erickson, CD Fuller, S Hafeez, A Kirby, S Lalondrelle, S Mook, ME Nowee, K Orrling, M Philippens, A Sahgal, CJ Schultz, A Tree, B van Triest, CL Tseng, WA Hall, H. Verkooijen
  • Characterization of Daily Shifts and Their Correlation with Plan Quality for Treatments With a 1.5T MR-Linac. R Conger, ES Paulson, L Rein, A Banerjee, X Chen, EE Ahunbay, BA Erickson, MW Straza Jr., MJ Awan, CJ Schultz, XA Li, WA Hall
  • Characterization of Underrepresented Populations in Modern Era Radiation Therapy Clinical Trials. EH Bero, L Rein, A Banerjee, MW Straza Jr, CAF Lawton, CJ Schultz, BA Erickson, ML Siker, WA Hall
  • Characterization of Treatment Events and Associated Time Durations of Online Adaptation Using a 1.5 Tesla MR Linac. J Fitzgerald ES Paulson, H Dong, A Banerjee, XA Li, MW Straza Jr., MJ Awan, BA Erickson, CJ Schultz, WA Hall
  • Quantitative Imaging of Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy for Primary Gliomas Using A 1.5 Tesla MR Linac. MW Straza Jr. JA Bovi, L Puckett, ML Siker, H Saeed, EE Ahunbay, X Chen, W Mueller, F Santos Pinheiro, JM Connelly, WA Hall, XA. Li, CJ Schultz, ES Paulson
  • International Scholars in Radiation Oncology: A Single Institution Experience in Developing a Formal Program to Facilitate Capacity Building in Global Radiation Oncology. JM Longo, J PulivadulaVenkatasai, TP Balasingh, TS Ram, SL Lee, AT Chang, T Shum, BA Erickson, T. Frazer
  • A Multi-biomarker Panel Including Delta Radiomics to Predict Distant Metastasis after Chemoradiation Therapy of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. H Nasief, WA Hall, C Zheng, S Tsai, BA Erickson XA Li
  • Metastasis-Free Survival, but Not Biochemical Failure, is a Strong Surrogate Endpoint for Overall Survival in Recurrent Prostate Cancer: Analysis of NRG Oncology/RTOG 9601. WC Jackson, M Tang, M Schipper, HM Sandler, ZS Zumsteg, JA Efstathiou, WU Shipley, W Seiferheld, H Lukka, JP Bahary, AL Zietman, TM Pisansky. KL Zeitzer, WA Hall, RT Dess, RD Lovett, A Balogh, FY Feng, DE Spratt
  • Feasibility and Initial Results of Daily Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) Metrics Obtained during Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) delivered using a 1.5 MR Linac. LI Banla, D Schott, ES Paulson, X Chen, MW Straza Jr, MJ Awan, BA Erickson, XA Li, CJ Schultz, WA Hall.
  • Intrafractional Changes May Necessitate the Development of Real-time Adaptive Radiation Therapy for Abdominal Tumors. T Keiper, A Tai, D Schott, SN Lim, N Mickevicius, X Chen, ES Paulson, XA Li
  • Treatment Response Prediction Using Extracellular Volume Fraction Based on Dual Source DECT for Chemoradiation Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer. G Noid, D Schott, ES Paulson, WA Hall, BA Erickson, XA Li
  • A Practical Approach to Account for Previously Delivered Dose in MR-Guided Online Adaptive Replanning. EE Ahunbay, ES Paulson, X Chen, WA Hall, MW Straza Jr, A Tai, XA. Li
  • An Independent and Automatic Quality Assurance Tool for Auto-Segmentation. Y Zhang, F Ceballos T Plautz, XA Li
  • A Phase 1b/2a Study Evaluating the Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Efficacy of Nanogenistein in Combination with Chemoradiotherapy for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. CB Simone II, B Movsas, EM Gore, P Mohindra, Z Vujaskovic, D Wang, M Ajlouni, S Menon, J Thompson, SL Brown, M Kurman, JC Dykstra, L Rillo, M Ingram, A Serebrenik, MD Kaytor
  • Radiation Therapy after Surgical Fixation of Bone Metastases: Does Dose Matter? R Fain III, J Fitzgerald, J DeVries, A Wooldridge, J Neilson, D Hackbarth, DM King, M Bedi
  • High Pre-Treatment Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio is Associated with Poor Distant Metastasis-Free Survival in Patients with Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the Extremity. A Retzlaff, C Clarke, R Singh, H Mogal, R Mannem, S Fernando, J Charlson, M. Bedi
  • Clinical Implementation of Real-time Motion Tracking with Jaws and MLC during Helical Tomotherapy Delivery. GP Chen, A Tai, L Puckett, SN Lim, T Keiper, EM Gore, C Johnstone, CAF Lawton, XA Li
  • GTV Propagation from Verification Simulation MRI to Daily MRI Using Deep Learning for MR-guided Daily Online Adaptive Radiotherapy of Pancreatic Cancer. Y Liang, Y Zhang, WA Hall, ES Paulson, EE Ahunbay, X Chen, D Schott, BA Erickson, A Li
  • Modeling Tumor Control Probability for Radiotherapy of Skin Cancer Based on Pooled Clinical Data. PW Prior Jr, JF Wilson, MJ Awan, AD Currey, XA Li
  • Two Quality Assurance Metrics for Deformable Image Registration-Based Dose Accumulation. K Kainz, H Zhong, A Tai, EE Ahunbay, A Li
  • Going “ITV-free”: First-in-clinic Experience with a Real Time Motion Tracking Technique for Lung SBRT Delivery. L Puckett, GP Chen, EM Gore, A Tai, C Johnstone, SN Lim, T Keiper, CJ Schultz, XA Li
  • Differences in Radiation-Induced Cardiotoxicity Between Age-Matched Male and Female Rats Largely Due to Differences in Lung Doses. RA Schlaak, A Frei, B Fish, T Gasparetti, AM Schottstaedt, L Harmann, M Medhora, C Bergom
  • Assessment of Functional Enrichment of Genes Associated with Radiation Cardiosensitivity in Rat Pre-Clinical Models in Human Genome-wide Association Study (GWAS) of Heart Failure. O El Charif, RA Schlaak, A Frei, SW Tsaih, SL Kerns, C Bergom
  • The Impact of Persistently Elevated PSA after Prostatectomy in Men with Recurrent Prostate Cancer in NRG Oncology/RTOG 9601. S Birer, Y Sun, RT Dess, WC Jackson, JA Efstathiou, ZS Zumsteg, LA Gharzai, AU Kishan, BA Maha, PL Nguyen, WA Hall, TM Morgan, JM Michalski, AL Zietman, M Schipper, FY Feng, HM Sandler, DE Spratt, WU Shipley
  • Impact of Sequencing of Androgen Receptor-Signaling Inhibition (ARSI) and Ionizing Radiotherapy (RT) in Prostate Cancer: Importance of Homologous Recombination (HR) Disruption. SG Allen, C Zhang, C Speers, S Malone, S Roy, RT Dess, WC Jackson, DR Wahl, R Mehra, J Alumkal, HM Sandler, M Roach II, Y Sun, CAF Lawton, FY Feng, A Chinnaiyan, DE Spratt
  • Short-Term Adjuvant versus Neoadjuvant Hormone Therapy in Localized Prostate Cancer: A Pooled Individual Patient Analysis of Two Randomized Phase 3 Trials. DE Spratt, S Malone, S Roy, S Grimes, L Eapen, SC Morgan, J Malone, J Craig, RT Dess, WC Jackson, M Schipper, JM Michalski, WR Lee, TM Pisansky, FY Feng, WU Shipley, HM Sandler, M Roach III, Y Sun, CAF Lawton
  • NRG Oncology Updated International Consensus Atlas on Pelvic Lymph Node Volumes for Intact and Post-Operative Prostate Cancer. WA Hall, ES Paulson, BJ Davis, DE Spratt, D Dearnaley, JA Efstathiou, A Jani, MK Buyyounouski, TM Pisansky, PT Tran, RC Chen, F Cury, JM Michalski, SA Rosenthal, BF Koontz, AC Wong, A Tree, PL Nguyen, FY Feng, HM Sandler, CAF Lawton
  • Patient Reported Outcomes in NRG Oncology/RTOG 0938, a Randomized Phase II Study Evaluating 2 Ultra-hypofractionated Regimens (UHR) for Prostate Cancer (CaP). H. Lukka, S. Deshmukh, DW Bruner, JP Bahary, CAF Lawton, JA Efstathiou, R Kudchadker, L Ponsky, SA Seaward, I Dayes, DD Gopaul, JM Michalski, G Delouya, ID Kaplan, EM Horwitz, M. Roach III, DC Beyer, HM Sandler, LA Kachnic
  • Effect of Hormone Therapy within Risk Groups Defined by Generalized Competing Event Model: Ancillary Analysis of NRG Oncology’s RTOG 9408. LK Mell, S Pugh, CU Jones, TJ Nelson, M Morginstin, EM Gore, K Zakeri, JP Bahary, L Souhami, JM Michalski, AC Hartford, MV Mishra, M Roach III, MB Parliament, KN Choi, TM Pisansky, SM Husain, S Malone EM Horwitz, FY Feng
  • RTOG0617 to Externally Validate Blood Cell ERCC1/2 Genotypic Signature as a Radiosensitivity Biomarker for Both Tumor and Normal Tissue for Individualized Dose Prescription. FM Kong, JY Jin, C Hu, W Wang, JA Bogart, Y Garces, S Narayan, CG Robinson, VS Kavadi, J Rothman, CD Koprowski, EM Gore, JW Welsh, R. Gaur, RM MacRae, GM Cannon, M Machtay, JD Bradley, B Lu

2020 Annual RRS Meeting
October 18-21, 2020
Virtual meeting

  • Mitigation of ARS and DEARE in rats: Models, targets and pathways by mono- and polypharmacy. T Gasperetti, B Fish, F Gao, J Narayanan, D Scholler, J Moulder,  Jacobs, S Doctrow, G Cox, C Orschell, M Medhora
  • BDNF signaling promotes hematopoietic recovery following radiation injury. A Frei, T Gasperetti, B Fish, H Himburg
  • Changes in pulmonary vascular permeability during acute and delayed phases of radiation injury in rats as measured in vivo by near-infrared fluorescence imaging. M Medhora, J Jagtap, F Gao, C Hansen, J Narayanan, M Hadi Razeghi Kondelaji, A Parchur, E Jacobs, S Audi, B Fish, A Joshi
  • Novel ex-vivo 3-D vascular metabolic imaging to assess vascular regression in multiple organs after irradiation in rats. J Narayanan, S Mehrvar, S Mostaghimi, A KS Camara, F Foomani, B Fish, M Medhora, M Ranji
  • Repurposing drugs to mitigate the delayed effects of acute radiation exposure (DEARE). T Gasperetti, B Fish, F Gao, J Narayanan, D Scholler, H Himburg, E Jacobs, M Medhora
  • Natural history of the rat model of partial-body irradiation (PBI) with bone marrow sparing: acute and delayed effects. B Fish, B Hart, J Narayanan, F Gao, T Gasperetti, D Scholller, M Medhora, T MacVittie
  • Physiologic changes in the rat heart after fractionated irradiation to the left lung and heart: effects of lisinopril. S Ortiz de Choudens, J Narayanan, R Sparapani, N Lohr, F Gao, B Fish, T Gasperetti, D Scholler, E Jacobs, M Medhora.
  • TGF-beta signaling in immune cells of lungs after leg-out partial body irradiation (PBI) in WAG/Rij/Cmcr rats. F Gao, J Narayanan, B Fish, T Gasperetti, D Scholler, M Medhora, B Hart

Joint AAPM/COMP Annual Meeting
July 12-16, 2020
Vancouver, British Columbia - Virtual Meeting

  • Combining Delta-Radiomics and Clinical Biomarkers Based On KNN-PCA Classification to Improve Treatment Outcome Prediction for Pancreatic Cancer. H Nasief, W Hall, C Zheng, S Tsai, B Erickson, XA Li
  • A Framework for Iso-Toxic Adaptive Replanning Using Biophysical Models. P Prior, X Chen, XA Li
  • A Practical Method to Automatically Delineate Gas Regions for MR-Guided Online Adaptive Radiotherapy of Abdominal Tumors. E Ahunbay, XA Li
  • An Optimized Training Module for Deep Learning-Based Auto-Segmentation. A Amjad, W Xhang, Z Chen, Q Zhou, T Plautz, L Buchanan, XA Li
  • Comparison of Contour-Based, Image-Based, and Contour-Image-Based Deformable Image Registration for Adaptive Re-Planning. K Kainz, H Zhong, A Tai, E Ahunbay, XA Li
  • Deep-Learning Dose Prediction as First Step Toward Real-Time Adaptive Replanning. L Buchanan, Z Chen, W Xhang, Q Zhou, D Schott, XA Li
  • Improvement of Real-Time Motion Tracking with Daily Optimized Registration of Cine MRI On MR-Linac. T Keiper, A Tai, X Chen, E Paulson, F Lathuiliere, S Beriault, F Hebert, D Cooper, M Lachaine, XA Li
  • Longitudinal Change of T2 Map During MR-Guided SBRT for Pancreatic Cancer. X Chen, H Nasief, E Paulson, E Ahunbay, P Prior, W Hall, B Erickson, XA Li
  • On the Quantification of PET Images for Treatment of Lung Cancer Patients. H Zhong, N Morrow, J Kim
  • Reconstruction of Intrafractional 3D Images from Real-Time 2D KV Radiograph and 4DCT. J Kim, G Chen, A Tai, S Lim, T Keiper, XA Li, H Zhong
  • Toward Real-Time MR-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy Planning Using a Deep Convolutional Conditional Generative Adversarial Network. L Buchanan, Y Zhang, X Chen, F Ceballos, Y Liang, XA Li
  • Successful Pediatric Total Skin Treatment on Siemens Artiste Linear Accelerator. S Klawikowski, S Lim, Y Zhang, T Plautz, H Nasief, D Schott, P Prior, S Firat, A Tai
  • Commissioning, Performance and QA Tests for Real-Time Motion Tracking and Correction with MLC and Jaws. G Chen, A Tai, S Lim, T Keiper, XA Li
  • A Practical Approach of Organ Specific Biologically Effective Dose Calculation for Re-Irradiation. A Tai, E Quashie, E. Ahunbay, K Kainz, XA Li
  • Using Virtual Non-Contrast CT from Dual-Energy CT to Eliminate the Need for Pre-Contrast CT for Radiation Therapy Planning of Pancreatic Cancer Patients. G Noid, A Tai, D Schott, J Zhu, J Shah, E Paulson, D Prah, XA Li
  • Normalizing Delta Radiomics for Early Prediction of Treatment Response during Chemoradiation Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer. H Nasief, W Hall, B Erickson, XA Li
  • Autodetection of Structural Similarity as An Indicator for MR-Guided Online Adaptation. Y Zhang, S Lim, X Li
  • Correlation between Hematocrit and Blood CT Number Changes during Radiation Therapy. XV Chen, H Saeed, XA Li
  • A Generalizable Contour Validation Method Using Deep Learning-Based Image Classification. Y Zhang, F Ceballos, Y Liang, L Buchanan, XA Li
Research Presented in 2019

AAPM Annual Meeting
July 14-18, 2019
San Antonio, TX

  • Dosimetric Advantage of MRI-Guided Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy in Abdomen: Initial Clinical Experience with a High-Field MR-Linac. Ahunbay EE, Paulson ES, Chen X, Hall W, Straza M, Li XA
  • A deep learning autosegmentation method for radiation therapy of head and neck cancer. Amjad A, Chen Z, Awan M, Shukla M, Yang C, Zhou Q Li XA
  • A machine learning based approach for fast and automated plan quality evaluation for online adaptive radiation therapy. Ceballos F, Lim S, Zhang J, Nasief H, Ahunbay E, Wang Z, Li XA
  • Automated plan quality ranking for online adaptive radiation therapy. Ceballos F, Lim S, Nasief H, Ahunbay A, Wang Z, Zhang J, Li XA.
  • Clinical improvements of using iterative reconstructed MVCT for IGRT. Chen GP, Lim S, Kainz K, Li XA
  • A daily end to end quality assurance workflow for MRI guided online adaptive radiation therapy. Chen X, Li XA
  • Increase of adaptive replanning frequency using automated daily dose tracking. Kainz K, Lim S, Chen G, Li XA
  • On the development of real-time motion tracking using 2D to 3D MRI registration for MR linac. Keiper T, Tai A, Chen X, Paulson E, Lathuiliere F, Cooper D, Lachaine M, Li XA.
  • Development of a centralized motion prediction model for motion management in radiation therapy. Kim J, Tai A, Li XA, Zhong H.
  • A framework for autosegmentation of gross tumor volume based on multiparametric MRI using deep learning algorithms. Liang Y, Schott D, Zhang Y, Nasief H, Paulson E, Hall W, Erickson B, Knechtges P, Li XA
  • A general framework of delta radiomics for treatment response prediction. Nasief H, Li XA
  • Delta radiomics and tumor characteristic factors as a combined biomarker for chemoradiation therapy of locally advanced pancreatic cancer. Nasief H, Hall W, Erickson B, Zheng C, Tsai S, Wang L, Li XA
  • Improving delineation using simultaneous dual-energy CT for radiation therapy planning of pancreatic cancer. Noid G, Tai A, Schott D, Prah D, Paulson E, Li XA
  • Dosimetric impact of forced densities over the course of RT. Schott D, Lim S, Thapa R, Prah D, Li X, Paulson E
  • Improving differentiation of tumor and surrounding tissues for tumor delineation in pancreas using image textures from dual energy CT. Schott D, Noid G, Hall W, Erickson B, Knechtges P, Schmidt T, Li XA.
  • PTV reduction with time-weighted mid-position image for 4D MRI guided online adaptive radiation therapy. Tai A, Chen X, Mickevicius N, Paulson E, Ahunbay E, Li XA
  • A technique to automatically create synthetic CT for MRI-guided online adaptive radiation therapy of abdominal tumors. Thapa R, Ahunbay E, Nasief H, Chen X, Li XA
  • A framework of automatic contour quality validation for MRI-guided online adaptive radiation therapy. Zhang Y, Ceballos F, Ahunbay E, Li XA
  • A new methodology for reconstruction of 4D PET images. Zhong H, Li XA
  • A dual reconstruction method to generate motion artifact free CBCT images. Zhong H, Li XA

American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) Annual Meeting
June 13-15, 2019
Miami, FL

  • MRI based radiomic fingerprint in cervical cancer: A new predictor for progression free survival, H Saeed

Annual Assembly of Hospice and Palliative Care
March 13-16, 2019
Chicago, IL

  • Palliative Radiation Therapy for Palliative Care Providers: What You Need to Know and How You Can Best Advocate for Your Patient. Martin E, Rich S Johnstone C, Jones J

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting
May 31–June 4, 2019
Chicago, IL

  • A randomized, Phase II clinical trial of preoperative stereotactic body radiation therapy vs conventionally fractionated chemoradiation for resectable, borderline resectable, or locally advanced type a pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Hall W, Tsai S, Paulson E, Banerjee A, George B, Ritch P, Thomas J, Christians K, Clarke C, Dua K, Khan A, Knecteges K, Hagen C, Evans D, Erickson B
  • The CAROLE (CArdiac Related Oncologic Late Effects) Study: A Phase II, single-arm feasibility trial. Puckett L, Youssef, E Souhami L, Howard S, Lieberman F, Herman J, Zhang P, Mehta M, Lee L.

American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting
September 15-18, 2019
Chicago, IL

  • A nomogram for outcomes after chemoradiation for non-HPV related squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck. A pooled analysis of NRG Oncology NRG 0219 and 0522. Awan M, Gittleman H, Barnholtz-Sloan J, Machtay M, Nguyen-Tan P, Rosenthal D, Takiar V, Garden A, Thorstad W, Wong s, Trotti A, Bonner J, Ridge J, Schenouda G, Suntharalingam M, Bahing H, Harris J.
  • A methodology and feasibility of acquiring pancreatic diffusion weighted (DWI) using a linear accelerator equipped with a 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. Banla L, Paulson E, Wittman D, Schott D, Li XA, Schultz C, Erickson B, Knechtges P, Hall W
  • A machine-based learning approach for fast and automated plan quality evaluation for online adaptive radiation therapy. Ceballos F.
  • Effective volume of parotid glands for assessing radiation injury during radiation therapy for head and neck cancer. Chen X, Wu H, Schultz C, Li XA.
  • Correlation between tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and 21-gene recurrence score in patients undergoing preoperative accelerated partial breast irradiation. Desai N. Jorns J, Kelly T, Johnstone C, Bovi J, Shukla M, Wadhwa A, Kong A, Paulson E, Currey A, Bergom C.
  • An institutional experience of post-operative anastomotic complications following trimodality therapy for esophageal cancer. Desai N, Johnstone D, Johnstone C.
  • Relationship of radiomic features and tumor response in patients undergoing preoperative accelerated partial breast irradiation for breast cancer. Desai N, Liang Y, Paulson E, Fitzgerald J, Jorns J, Bovi J, Kelly T, Wadhwa A, Li A, Kong A, Johnstone C, Shukla M, Bergom C, Currey A.
  • Volume differences between MRI and CT based boost strategies in treatment planning of rectal cancer. Fain R, Lorenz J, Wittman D, Zhang Y, Li XA, Erickson B, Rein L, Banerjee A, Hall W
  • Does preoperative hypofractionated radiation therapy for soft tissue sarcoma impact post-operative wound complications? Fain R, Johnstone C, Charleson J, Neilson J,Bedi M
  • Safety and feasibility of dose escalated pelvic lymph node intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with a simultaneous hypofractionated boost to the prostate for high risk adenocarcinoma of the prostate, a prospective phase II clinical trial. Hall W, Bedi M, Currey A, Straza M, Kilari D, Bylow K, Burfiend J, See W, Lawton C
  • Initial clinical experience of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for liver metastases, primary liver malignancy, and pancreatic abdominal nodal recurrence with 4D MRI based online adaptation and real time MRI monitoring using a 1.5 Tesla MR linac. Hall W, Straza M, Chen X, Mickevicius N, Erickson B, Schultz C, Ahunbay Li XA, Paulson E
  • Characterization of the host immuno inflammatory state in response to radiation therapy and correlation with patient reported toxicities in prostate adenocarcinoma: A prospective observational trial. Hall W, Baran A, Bergom C, Lawton C, Gore E, Peterson D, Zhang H, Bylund K, Messing E, Chen Y, Morrow G Kern S.
  • Evaluation of iteratively reconstructed MVCT imaging for adaptive radiation therapy. Kainz K, Lim S, Chen G, Li XA
  • Impact of intrafractional changes of abdominal gas cavities in MR guided adaptive radiation therapy: Is real time adaptation necessary? Keiper T, Tai A, Nickevicius N, Lim S, Chen X, Paulson E, Klawikowski S, Zhong H, Li XA.
  • Evaluation of deformable dose accumulation accuracy for head and neck cancer. Kim J, Lim S, Zhong H, Kainz K, Li XA
  • On the development of MRI-based autosegmentation of pancreatic tumor using deep neural networks. Liang Y, Schott D, Zhang Y, Hall W, Paulson E, Erickson B, Knechtges P,Li XA.
  • Automatically triggered adaptive replanning based on dosimetric threshold in radiation therapy for head and neck cancer. Lim S, Kainz K Paulson E, Schultz C, Li XA
  • Improving treatment response predication using a combination of delta-radiomics and clinical biomarker. Nasief H, Erickson B, Hall W, Schott D, Aldakkak M, Tsai S, Wang L, Zheng C, Li XA
  • Optimizing fractionation size based on daily anatomy change using TCP/NTCP models for locally advanced pancreatic cancer. Prior P, Chen X, Hall W, Erickson, Schultz C, Li XA
  • Genetic Mapping of Variants That Alter Cardiac Radiation Sensitivity Using Consomic Rat Models. Schlaak RA, Frei A, Medhora, M, Schottstaedt A, Sui Q, Fish, B, Harmann L, Gasperetti T, Flister M, Stande, JL, Bergom C
  • Association of multiparametric MIR texture features as a prognostic imaging biomarker for chemoradiation therapy response of pancreatic cancer. Schott D, Knechtges P, Paulson E, Erickson B, Li XA, Hall W
  • Management of daily variation of air cavities during MRI-guided online adaptive radiation therapy. Thapa R, Zhang J, Li XA
  • Improving deformable image registration and segmentation using a combined preprocessing pipeline and multiple input strategy for online adaptive MR guided radiotherapy. Zhang Y, Paulson ES, Ahunbay E, Mickevicius N, Hall W, Li XA
  • Evaluation of a Deep Learning based Auto-segmentation Tool for Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy, Amjad A, Thill D, Lawton C, O’Connell N, Hall W, Li XA.
  • The use of dual energy CT to eliminate the need of precontrast CT and registration error for contrast-based radiation treatment planning. Noid G, Schott D, Paulson E, Li XA
  • Initial clinical experience using 4D MRI based MR guided online adaptive SBRT on a high field MR linac. Paulson E Ahunbay E, Chen X, Mickevicius N, Erickson B, Schultz C, Straza M, Li XA, Hall W
  • Intrafractional Motion in Three Decubitus Body Positions for Radiation Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer. Wang L, Keiper T, Chen X, Erickson B,Li XA
  • Characterization of the Host Immuno-Inflammatory State in Response to Radiation Therapy Along and Correlation with Patient Reported Toxicities in Prostate Adenocarcinoma. A Prospective Observational Trial. Hall WA, Baran A, Bergom C, Lawton CA, Zhang H, Peterson D, Bylund K, Messing E, Chen G, Morrow G, Kerns SL
  • The Stay on Track Pilot - Effects of nutrition and exercise during radiation therapy on breast cancer prognostic indicators. Schottstaedt A, Stolley M, Longo JM, Kelly, TR, Currey A, Chitambar CR, Visotcky A, Banerjee A. Bergom C.

Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract (SSAT) Annual Meeting
May 18-21, 2019
San Diego, CA

Comprehensive genomic profiling of pancreatic cancer tumor specimens: is more better? Krepline A, Aldakkak M , Hall W, Erickson B, Christians K, George B, Ritch PS, Evans DB, Tsai S

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) 27th Annual Meeting
May 11-16, 2019
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Cardiotoxic Effects of Radiation Therapy Detected by MRI in Genetically Modified Rats. Ibrahim EH, Baruah D, Budde M, Fei A, Schlaak R, Flister M, Bergom C.
  • Optimized Small-Animal Cardiac Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Ibrahim EH, Baruah D. Budde M, Fei A, Schlaak R, Flister M. Bergom C
Research Presented in 2018

Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Symposium
February 15-17, 2018

Scottsdale, AZ

  • Acinic cell carcinoma of the major salivary glands: Analysis of prognostic factors in 2,950 patients. Quinn C, Robbins JR, Shukla M, Firat S, Schultz C, Massey B, Wong S, Campbell B, Stadler M.
  • Outcomes of Tomotherapy for advanced scalp squamous cell carcinoma. Abdelhakiem M, Currey A, Robbins J.

Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) Cancer Symposium
March 21-24, 2018
Chicago, IL

  • Eighth Edition of the AJCC Staging System for Retroperitoneal Sarcoma: Validation Using the US Sarcoma Collaborative and Recommendations for Refinement. Makris EA, Tran TB, Bedi M, Gamblin TC, Norton JA, Ethun CG, Grignol VP, Howard JH, Tseng J, Roggin KK, Chouliaras K, Votanopoulos K, Cullinan DR, Fields RC, Winslow, ER, Weber S, Cardona K, Poultsides GA.
  • Resection Status Does Not Impact Recurrence in Well-Differentiated Liposarcoma of the Extremity. Suarez-Kelly LP, Shelby RD, Bedi M, King D, Yu PY, Hughes T, Palettas M, Ethun CG, Tran TB, Poultsides G, Tseng J, Roggin KK, Chouliaras K, Votanopoulos K, Krasnick BA, Fields R, Pollock R, Grignol VP, Cardona K Cardona K, Howard J.
  • Clinical Score Predicting Survival Following Resection of Sarcoma Liver Metastases. Tran T, Norton JA, Bedi M, Gamblin TC Ethun CG, Grignol VP, Howard JH, Abbott D, Kelly S, Tseng J, Roggin KK, Chouliaras K, Votanopoulos K, Cullinan DR, Fields R, Cardona K, Poultsides GA.
  • Perioperative Outcomes After Extremity Sarcoma Resection - Results of a Contemporary Multi-Institutional Experience. Vande Walle K, Schwartz PB, Bedi M, King D, Kelly S, Ethun CG, Poultsides G, Roggin KK, Grignol VP, Howard J, Fields R, Krasnik B, Votanopoulos K, Cardona K, Abbott D.

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2018
April 14-18, 2018
Chicago, IL

  • Novel genetic rat models to identify factors that modulate cardiac and tumor radiation sensitivity. Schlaak R, Frei A, Fish B, Gasperetti T, Harmann L, Schottstaedt A, Flister M, Strande J, Bergom C.

American Radium Society Annual Meeting (ARS)
May 5-8, 2018
Orlando, FL

  • Pulsed reduced dose rate re-irradiation (PDRDR) using modulated arc (mARC) IMRT for recurrent gliomas: Initial clinical outcomes of a novel technique. Guignard VM, Kelm SE, Firat S, Prah D, Schultz C, Dayal A, Bovi J, Gillingham B, Connelly J, Mueller W, Siker ML.
  • Repeat whole brain radiation therapy using a pulsed reduced dose rate technique. Kelm SE, Guignard VM, Botros M, Bovi J, Schultz C, Gillingham B, Connelly J, Siker ML.
    Standard vs dose escalated radiation therapy for management of esophageal cancer: A retrospective review. Desai N, Foss H, Johnstone C.
  • Identifying genetic factors influencing radiation induced cardiac toxicity using novel genetic rat models.

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting
June 1-5, 2018
Chicago, IL

  • Post treatment evaluation of head and neck cancer patients in the era of advanced imaging and value-based care. Hirsch T, Stadler M, Firat S, Schultz C, Shukla M, Campbell B, Massey B, Wong S, Robbins J.
  • CAPTN: A nomograph for predicting survival and guiding therapy for patients with de novo metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Robbins JR, Stadler M, Shukla M, Firat S, Schultz C, Campbell B, Massey B, Wong S.

    American Brachytherapy Society Annual Meeting (ABS)
    June 7-9, 2018
    San Francisco, CA
  • Vienna II ring applicator for distal parametrial disease in cervical cancer image guided brachytherapy: clinical feasibility and outcome in a two-institutional setting. Sturdza A, Mahantshetty U, Erickson B, Naga P, Berger D, Dheera A Kirisits C, Forton I, Motisi L, Swamidas J, Curram L, Schmid M, Chopra S, Nesvacil N, Potter R.

American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 60th Annual Meeting
July 29-August 2, 2018
Nashville, TN

  • End to end tests of a high field MR linac. Chen X, Paulson ES, Ahunbay E, Prior P, Li XA.
  • An avoidance-based strategy for online adaptive replanning. Ahunbay EE, Zhang Y, Li XA.
  • Patient heart motion assesses with cine-MRI. Klawikowski S, Mostafaei, F, Li XA.
  • The feasibility of real-time tracking of lung tumor motion using continuous ultrasound and 2D x-ray images. Mostafaei F, Tai A, Gore E, Johnstone C, Haase W, Cooper D, Lachaine M, Li XA.
  • A machine learning process for delta radiomics. Nasief H, Li XA.
  • Delta radiomics of daily CTs acquired during chemoradiation therapy of pancreatic cancer. Nasief H, Hall W, Schott D, Klawikowski S, Erickson B, Zheng C, Li XA.
  • Automatic contour corrections based on image texture for MRI guided online adaptive replanning. Zhang Y, Schott D, Ahunbay E, Li XA.
  • Automated air region delineation on MRI for synthetic CT creation. Thapa R, Ahunbay E, Nasief H, Li XA.
  • Advantages of dual-source dual energy CT for radiation therapy planning. Noid G, Schott D, Prah D, Mistry N, Robbins J, Li XA.
  • Optimal energy of virtual monoenergetic imaging from dual energy CT for target delineation and radiation response assessment. Noid G, Schott D, Schmidt TG, Li XA.
  • Dose volume histogram comparisons as a quality assurance metric for deformable image registration. Kainz K, Lim S, Chen GP, Li XA.
  • A method to assess spatial tumor response based on texture analysis of daily CTs acquired during radiation therapy. Schott D, Hall W, Noid G, Erickson B, Schmidt TG, Kinechtges P, Li XA.
  • Indications of online replanning based on organ deformation analysis. Lim S, Ahunbay E, Nasief H, Li XA.
  • QA for emerging technologies. Chen GC, Zhang J, Li XA.
  • Secondary 3D dose verification for online adaptive radiotherapy with MR-linac. Chen GP, Zhang J, Li XA.
  • Initial performance results of a commercial MR only workflow for pelvis. Gage C, Scheer T, Requardt M, Paulson E.
  • Effects of optimized MR simulation protocols on apparent diffusion coefficient. Mickevicius N, Chen X, Boyd Z, Lee H, Ibbott GS, Paulson E.

Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting
September 23-26, 2018
Chicago, IL

  • Cardiovascular effects of fractionated radiation in a hypertension (Dahl SS) rat model. Medhora M, Narayanan J, Fish B, Gao F, Gasperetti T, Beyer AM, Olson J, Sparapani R, Jacobs E, Strande J.
  • The renin-angiotensin system (RAS) in immune cells contribute to the delayed effects of acute radiation exposure (DEARE). Narayanan J, Fish BL, Gasperetti T, Dwinell M, Jacobs ER, Khan MAH, Moulder JE, Medhora M.
  • Developing a panel of biomarkers to predict lethal radiation pneumonitis. Fish B, Liu Y, Narayanan J, Gao F, Gasperetti T, Szabo A, Parchur AK, Joshi A, Zhao M, Jacobs ER, Clough AV, Medhora M.
  • Regulation of expression of Jagged1 by irradiation in rat kidney. Gao F, Dong W, Liu P, Narayanan J, Fish BL, Jacobs ER, Medhora M.
  • Mitigation of DEARE with Lisinopril in juvenile, adult and geriatric male rat models. Gasperetti T, Fish B, Narayanan J, Moulder JE, Gao F, Medhora M.
  • Near-infrared dynamic fluorescence imaging to characterize radiation-induced cardiovascular changes in rates in vivo radiation. Jagtap J, Sharma G, Parchur AK, Fish BL
    Medhora M, Joshi A.
  • Changes in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and tumor cellularity responses after preoperative accelerated partial breast irradiation in early stage ER+ breast cancer patients. Bergom C, Jorns JM, Kelly T, Bovi J, Paulson E, Kong A, Wadhwa A, Currey A.
  • Utilizing consomic rats to identify hereditary factors that modulate radiation induced cardiac toxicity. Schlaak R, Frei A, Fish B, Gasperetti T, Medhora M, Schottstaedt A, Flister MJ, Strande J, Bergom C.

Clinical Congress 2018 of the American College of Surgeons (ACS)
October 22-24, 2018
Boston, MA

  • Impact of chemoradiation on histopathologic responses in patients with localized pancreatic cancer. Wittmann D, Barnes C, Aldakkak M, Hall W, Erickson B, Christians K, George B, Evans DB, Tsai S.

American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting
October 21-24, 2018
San Antonio, TX

  • Measurement validation of beam model for high field MR linac treatment planning. Chen XF, Paulson ES, Ahunbay E, Klawikowski S, Sanli A, Li XA.
  • Minimal increases in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes despite excellent tumor responses after preoperative partial breast irradiation in early stage ER+ breast cancer patients. Bergom C, Jorns JM, Kelly T, Bovi J, Paulson E, Kong A, Wadhwa A, Currey A.
  • Treatment response assessment during preoperative irradiation of breast cancer using dual energy CT. Noid G, Currey A, Schott D, Tai A, Kelly T, Bovi J, Bergom C, Liu Y, Li XA.
  • Reliability of deformable kVCT to MVCT registration for adaptive replanning. Kainz K, Lim S, Chen GP, Schultz C, Li XA.
  • The unity of position emission tomography (PET) to guide radiation therapy target volume determination as compared with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) for rectal cancer. Fain R, Lorenz J, Chen XV, Li A, Erickson B, Hall W.
  • Significant reduction in post-operative wound complications with dosimetric skin constraints in patients receiving preoperative radiation therapy for soft tissue sarcomas of the extremity. Gilbride L, Bedi M, Johnstone C, Prah D.
  • Long term updates of NRG Oncology RTOG 94-08. Jones C, Pugh S, Longo JM, Sandler H, Chetner M, Amin M, Bruner D, Efstathiou J, Den R, Leibenhaut M, Bahary JP, Rosenthal S, Souhami L, Michalski J, Hartford A, Amin P, Roach M, Yee D, Rodgers J, Shipley WU.
  • Fast validation of auto segmentation based on MRI texture features for MRI based outline adaptive replanning. Zhang Y, Schott D, Li XA.
  • Dosimetric predictors of cardiotoxicity in thoracic radiotherapy for lung cancer. Borkenhagen J, Rapp C, Klawikowski S, Rein L, Gore E.
  • Time stability of delta radiomics features extracted from longitudinal CTs. Plautz T, Noid G, Schott D, Zhang C, Li XA.
  • Estimation of the alpha-beta ratio for chemoradiation of locally advanced pancreatic cancer. Prior P, Chen X, Hall W, Erickson B, Li XA.
  • Deformation guided hybrid approach for interfractional variations. Lim S, Ahunbay E, Lawton C, Li XA.
  • Utilization of the QUAD SHOT for palliating malignancies of the head and neck. Lorenz J, Fain R, Robbins J.
  • Whole brain radiation therapy use among metastatic non-small cell lung cancer patients. Rich S, Omari R, Robbins J, Johnstone C, Dharmarajan K.
  • The impact of hemoglobin on outcomes in anal cancer treated with definitive chemoradiation. Kelm S, Longo J, Bedi M, Siker M, George B, Ludwig K, Peterson C, Ridolfi T, Erickson B.
  • An end-to-end verification of online adaptation process on MR linac. Ahunbay E, Chen XF, Paulson E, Chen GP, Li XA.
  • A technique to rapidly generate synthetic CT for MR guided online replanning of lung tumors. Ahunbay E, Thapa R, Chen XF, Li XA.
  • The influence of the pretreatment host immune inflammatory state and response to radiation therapy in high risk adenocarcinoma of the prostate: A validation study from NRG Oncology/RTOG 0521. Hall W, Karrison TG, Bergom C, Lawton C, Gore E, Rosenthal SA, Amin M, Gomella LG, Purdy JA, Sartor O, Michalski JM, Garzotto M, Jani A, Simko J, Moore J, Lee W, Nguyen PL, Danielson B, Sandler HM, Yeng FY.
  • Radiation induced CT texture changes of duodenum during radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer. Chen XV, Saeed H, Zhang Y, Erickson B, Tao Y, Zheng C, Liu Q, Wu X, Li XA.
  • Development and validation of genomic tools to predict extraprostatic extension of prostate cancer, opportunities for personalizing treatment. Hall W, Lawton C, Liu S, Fishbane N, Xu MJ, Davicioni E, Mahal BA, Den RB, Dess RT, Jackson WC, Wong AC, Schaeffter EM, Karnes RJ, Carroll P, Nguyen PL, Spratt DE, Feng FY.
  • Impact of inter and intrafraction anatomic motions on delta radiomics for radiation therapy of pancreatic cancer. Nasief H, Li XA.
  • Nationwide trends in heart sparing techniques utilized in radiation therapy for breast cancer. Desai N, Currey A, Kelly T, Bergom C.
  • Consomic rat models identify genetic factors that modulate radiation induced cardiac toxicity and inflammation. Bergom C, Schlaak R, Frei A, Fish B, Gasperetti T, Medhora M, Schottstaedt A, Mascari C, Strande J, Flister MJ.
  • Effective methodologies for patient education in radiation oncology. Ioannides P, Birckhead B, Currey A, Lee S.
  • Individualized re-irradiation does for recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma based on outcome modeling. Tai A, Zhou Q, Deng X, Li XA.
  • Characterizing interfraction variation of separation between pancreas and duodenum during radiotherapy of pancreatic cancer for online adaptive replanning. Kinchen CL, Zhang Y, Hall W, Erickson B, Li XA.
  • Inter and intra patient peristaltics motion assessed with cine MRI. Mostafaei F, Tai A, Paulson E, Hall W, Erickson B, Liu Q, Li XA.
  • Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes may predict for distant metastasis in soft tissue sarcomas. Bedi M, Mostafa M, Johnstone C, Charleson J, Suster S, Clarke C.

Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting
November 25-30, 2018
Chicago, IL

  • Pulsed reduced dose rate re-irradiation (PDRDR) using modulated arc (mARC) IMRT for recurrent gliomas: Initial clinical outcomes of a novel technique. Guignard VM, Kelm SE, Firat S, Prah D, Schultz C, Dayal A, Bovi J, Gillingham B, Connelly J, Mueller W, Siker ML.
  • Weekly magnetic resonance imaging using a linear accelerator equipped with a 1.5 Tesla MRI (MR-linac) reveals intratreatment signal variance in regional organs at risk (OAR): An exploratory analysis. Lorenz J, Schott D, Mostafaei F, Lawton C, Bedi M Li X, Schultz C, Paulson E, Hall W.
  • Repeat whole brain radiation therapy using a pulsed reduced dose rate technique. Kelm S, Guignard VM, Bovi J, Schultz C, Gillingham B, Connelly J Botros M, Siker ML.
    San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

December 4-8, 2018
San Antonio, TX

  • The importance of a survivorship coordinator role in the creation of survivorship care plans and maintaining compliance with new accreditation standards. Blissitt J, Scalio R, Kelly T, Kong A, Chitambar C, Meyers K, Sweeney K, Currey A.
Research Presented in 2017

2017 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium
January 19-21, 2017
San Francisco, CA

  • Impact of age on genomic alterations associated with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. B George, B Erickson.
  • Should functional renal scans be obtained prior to upper abdominal radiation for pancreatic cancer? G Blitzer, B Erickson.
  • Chemotherapy and radiation for vaginal or urethral recurrence of urothelial carcinoma after radical cystectomy. J Thompson, B Erickson.

Genitourinary Cancers Symposium
February 16-18, 2017
Orlando, FL

  • Chemotherapy and radiation for vaginal or urethra recurrent of urothelial carcinoma after radical cystectomy. J Thompson, B Erickson.

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)
Annual Meeting
April 1-5, 2017
Washington, DC

  • The consomic xenograft model identifies genetic changes in the tumor microenvironment that alter the growth and metastasis of head and neck cancers. M Straza, A Rymaszewski, K Nickel, A Frei, A. Chatterjee, R Schlaak, A Joshi, M Flister, RJ Kimple, C Bergom.
  • A phase II study using cardiac MRI to assess cardiac injury in breast cancer patients receiving three dimensional conformal regional nodal radiotherapy (3DCRT) with heart dose constraints. C Bergom, J Rubenstein, A Welsh, P Prior, D Eastwood, M Zhang, JF Wilson, J White, J Bradley.

American Brachytherapy Society (ABS)
Annual Meeting
April 20-22, 2017

  • Outcomes of Iodine 125 episcleral plaque brachytherapy in patients with choroidal melanoma. I Sparks, W Wirostko, J Rownd, N Morrow, B Erickson, J Herman, XA Li.

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)
April 22-27, 2017
Honolulu, HI

  • Abdominal organ tracking on a hybrid MR-Linac system using a particle filter based algorithm. AE Bourque, S Bedwani, N Nickevicius, E Paulson, JF Carrier, C Menard, P Borman, C Bos, Raaymakers B, RHN Tijssen.
  • Improvements in Simultaneous Multislice Imaging Through the Use of SPIRiT and Virtual Conjugate Coils. N Mickevicius, E Paulson.

American Radium Society (ARS)
99th Annual Meeting
May 6-9, 2017
Colorado Springs, CO

  • Palliative radiation for bone metastases from hepatocellular carcinoma: Practice patterns and the implications of fraction scheme on the amount of remaining life spent receiving treatment. R Schmid, A Hammad, C Johnstone, T Gamblin, J Robbins.
  • Predictors of survival in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy: A national cancer database study. M Straza, T Gamblin, J Robbins.
    Management of squamous cell carcinoma of the scalp with bone involvement. M Abdelhakie, J Robbins, JF Wilson.

MR in Radiation Therapy Symposium
June 20-23, 2017
Sydney, Australia

  • Simultaneous orthogonal plane imaging with balanced SSFP contrast using k-t GRAPPA. E Paulson, A Eliason.
  • The reversed simulation workflow for hybrid CT validation in brain. E Paulson, A Eliason, Z Boyd, N Mickevicius, D Prah.

American Association of Medical Physicists (AAPM)
59th Annual Meeting
July 30-August 3, 2017
Denver, CO

  • Online adaptive replanning based on voxel by voxel prescription map. E Ahunbay, XF Chen, XA Li.
  • Development of a quality assurance software tool for a new tomotherapy machine. GP Chen, XA Li.
  • Voxel by voxel dose prescription map based on MRI ADC for radiation therapy of pancreatic cancer. XF Chen, E Ahunbay, XA Li.
  • Time stability and repeatability of CT texture measurements on longitudinal CTs. Y Hao, G Noid, L Court, D Mackin, Y Liu.
  • Improving normal tissue sparing using MRI-identified regional nodal volumes in breast cancer radiotherapy. K Kainz, E Paulson, A Currey, C Bergom, XA Li.
  • Quantitative imaging biomarker reproducibility in pancreatic cancer longitudinal CT texture analysis study. S Klawikowski, J Christian, D Schott, XA Li.
  • Accelerating online adaptive replanning with incomplete normal structure delineation. S Lim, E Ahunbay, XA Li.
  • Real-time motion tracking using ultrasound and intrafractional kV cone beam projection images. F. Mostafaei, A Tai, W Haase, D Cooper, M Lachaine, XA Li.
  • Enhancement of CT-texture based treatment response detection for pancreatic cancer using dual-energy CT. G Noid, D Schott, XV Chen, A Tai, Y Liu, XA Li.
  • Enhancing tumor contrast and contrast to noise ratio for improved tumor targeting during liver SBRT using mono-energetic decomposition of dual energy CT. G Noid, J Robbins, A Tai, XA Li.
  • Initial performance tests of a high-field MR linac. E Paulson, XF Chen, N Mickevicius, S Klawikowski, E Ahunbay, XA Li.
  • Self-navigated respiratory correlated 4D MRI with switchable contrast modes. E Paulson, N Mickevicius.
  • Machine learning and texture analysis for assessing spatial tumor response based on daily CTs during radiation therapy for pancreatic adenocarcinomas. D Schott, W Hall, XV Chen, S Klawikowski, G Noid, B Erickson, P Knechtes, T Gilat Schmidt, XA Li.
  • Optimizing re-irradiation of recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma after initial radiation therapy. A Tai, Q Zhou, X Deng, XA Li.
  • Association of MR radiomics features changes with treatment outcome for radiotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Y Tao, XV Chen, X Yan, X Deng, Y Xia, XA Li.
  • Prediction of acute xerostomia based on CT texture changes during radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal cancer. X Yang, XV Chen, H Wu, Y Tao, H Chang, X Deng, Y Xia, XA Li.

American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
59th Annual Meeting
September 24-27, 2017
San Diego, CA

  • A fast technique to generate electron density maps for MRI guided online adaptive replanning. E Ahunbay, XF Chen, XA Li.
  • The impact of increasing time to preoperative radiation on outcomes in patients with soft tissue sarcomas. M Bedi, J Charlson, C Johnstone, K Turaga.
  • Identifying genetic variants that enhance the therapeutic ratio of radiation. C Bergom, B Fish, T Gasperetti, R Schlaak, A Frei, M Medhora.
  • Prognostic value of clinical stage T2 substages in prostate cancer: A national cancer database review. J Borkenhagen, C Lawton, D Eastwood, D Kilari, J Van Winkle, W Hall.
  • An analysis on local control of chemoradiotherapy for the use of the locally advanced pancreatic cancer using a bio-physical model. XF Chen, A Tai, P Prior, W Hall, B Erickson, J Herman, XA Li.
  • A quantitative analysis on CT histogram features before chemoradiation therapy for pancreatic cancer. XV Chen, D Schott, Y Hao, W Hall, B Erickson, K Oshima, XA Li.
  • Pre-operative radiation performed at a tertiary center may lead to decreased wound complications following resection in patients with soft tissue sarcoma. C Ellison, C Johnstone, M Bedi.
  • Pancreatic adenocarcinoma gross tumor volume contouring on computed tomography (CT) as compared with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), results of an international consensus contouring conference. W Hall, D Heerkins, E Paulson G Meijer, A Kotte, P Knechtges, P Parkikh, M Bassetti, P Lee, KL Aitken, M Palta, S Myrehaug, EJ Koay, L Portlance, E Ben-Josef, B Erickson.
  • Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) and radiation therapy (RT) alone as compared with trimodality therapy with ADT, RT and surgery in men with high risk non metastatic adenocarcinoma of the prostate. W Hall, D Eastwood, D Kilari, J Van Wickle, R Raychaudhuri, J Borkenhagen, W See, C Lawton.
  • Initial clinical experience with using an automated dose tracking tool to verify dose delivery and trigger adaptive replanning. K Kainz, GP Chen, C Lawton, M Siker, S Firat, J Robbins, B Erickson, XA Li.
  • Lessons learned from the two-step QA process in NRG Oncology/RTOG 1005, a phase III trial for early stage breast cancer. XA Li, J Moughan, J White, G Freedman, D Arthur, J Galvin, A Currey, Y Xiao, S McNulty, J Lyon, V Kavadi, M Fields, M Mitchell, B Anderson, M Lock, K Kokeny, J Bazan, T Hijal, S Cheston, F Vicini.
  • Practical considerations for online replanning during SBRT of prostate cancer. S Lim, E Ahunbay, J Zhang, C Lawton, XA Li.
  • Generalized competing event regression to stratify head and neck cancer patients: Secondary analysis of NRG oncology RTOG 9003, 0129 and 0522. L Mell, Q Zhang, S Wong, H Shen, P Nguyen-Tan, D Rosenthal, K Zakeri, S Frank, P Schiff, A Trotti, J Bonner, C Jones, S Yom, S Thorstad, G Shenouda, J Ridge, QT Le.
  • Quantifying complex abdominal organ motions in different time frames in radiation therapy. F Mostafaei, A Tai, E Paulson, W Hall, B Erickson, XA Li.
  • Improvement of breast tumor delineation for preoperative radiation therapy using dual energy CT. G Noid, A Currey, C Bergom, T Kelly , A Wadhwa, E Paulson, Z Basir, A Kong, J Bovi, A Tai, Y Liu, XA Li.
  • Early career outcomes for radiation oncologists interested in global health: A survey of recent graduates from ARRO, ACRO and CARO. A Olson, T Royce, J Longo, Z Morris, N Coleman, S Grover.
  • Correlation of survival rates with CT texture changes after radiation therapy for lung cancer. J Paul, Y Hao, E Gore, C Zheng, XA Li.
  • Effect of gadolinium extravasation on the reversed simulation workflow in brain. E Paulson, A Eliason, J Bovi.
  • Brain MR-only using a hybrid CT. E Paulson, A Eliason, Z Boyd, N Mickevicius, D Prah, J Bovi.
  • Neoadjuvant chemoradiation with IMRT for pancreatic cancer is associated with minimal toxicity without compromising local control. H Saeed, H Cheng, M Aldakkak, S Tsai, D Evans, K Christians J Thomas, B George, P Ritch, D Wittmann, B Erickson.
  • Dosimetric benefit of MRI-guided pre-operative accelerated partial breast irradiation. D Saenz, A Currey, C Bergom, T Kelly, E Paulson, A Tai, J White, XA Li.
  • Role of adjuvant radiotherapy for resected salivary ductal carcinoma. SJ Sandy, S Suppiah, J Robbins.
  • A dosimetric investigation of inter-fractional organ at risk movements during stereotactic body radiation therapy for liver malignancies. R Schmid, A Tai, S Klawikowski, K Rahmahi, J Robbins.
  • Treatment response assessment using quantitative DCE MRI for chemoradiation therapy of pancreatic cancer. D Schott, W Hall, E Paulson, B Erickson, K Oshima, P Knechtges, XA Li.
  • Methods to improve patient selection and predict dosimetric benefits for irradiation of the left breast or chest wall and regional lymph nodes with deep inspiration breath hold. A Tai, A Currey, C Bergom, XA Li.
  • Acceleration of online adaptive replanning with workflow automation. J Zhang, E Ahunbay, S Lim, XA Li.
  • Fractionation schedule and Risk of local-regional failure for patients treated on NRG Oncology RTOG 9003 and 0129. A Konski, J Harris, H Kim, PF Nguyen-Tan, KK. Fu, PB Schiff, DI Rosenthal, A Trotti, SA Spencer, CU Jones, SS Yom, G. Shenouda, JA Ridge, CJ Schultz, AG Pearce Jr, M Suntharalingam, Q. Zhang, QT Le.
  • Development of laryngeal cancer nomograms from pooled data of two trials of concurrent chemoradiation: NRG Oncology RTOG 0129 and RTOG 0522. MJ Awan, J Barnholtz-Sloan, HR Gittleman, M. Machtay, PF Nguyen-Tan, DI Rosenthal, CJ Schultz, BJ Huth, WL Thorstad, SJ Frank, HE Kim, RL Foote, M. Lango, G. Shenouda, M. Suntharalingam,J. Harris, Q. Zhang, QT Le, M Yao.

Musculoskeletal Tumor Society Annual Meeting (MSTS)
September 27-29, 2017
Denver, CO

  • Pathologic necrosis following neoadjuvant radiotherapy or chemotherapy is associated with poor survival in soft tissue sarcomas. N Gannon, M Bedi, D King.
  • Predictive Significance Of IDH1/2 Mutation And 1P/19q Co-Deletion Status In A Post-Hoc Analysis Of NRF Oncology/RTOG 9802: A Phase III Trial Of RT vsRT Plus PCV In High Risk Low-Grade Gliomas. EH Bell, PX Zhang, EG Shaw, JC Buckner, GR Barger, SW Coons, DE Bullard, MP Mehta, MR Gilbert, PD Brown, Stelzer KJ, Fleming J, JP McElroy CD Timmers, AP Becker, AL Salavaggione, ZY Liu, K Aldape, DG Brackman, SZ Gertler, AD Murtha, CJ Schultz, D Johnson, HD Shu, A Chakravarti.
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ASCO Palliative Support Care Oncology Symposium
October 27-28, 2017
San Diego, CA

  • Stereotactic body radiation therapy for palliative treatment of bone metastases: Practice patterns and survival outcomes. C Kinchen, T Taylor, C Johnstone, J Robbins.
  • Practice patterns in radiation therapy for bone metastases across multiple primary sites. T Taylor, C Kinchen, C Johnstone, J Robbins.
  • Development of prompt radiation oncology mediated palliative treatment PROMPT) program for handling emergent cases at an academic hospital. J Robbins, M Shukla, M Bedi, C Johnstone.

Society for Neuro-oncology (SNO)
22nd Annual Scientific Meeting and Education Day
November 16-19, 2017
San Francisco, CA

  • Pretreatment volume of MRI-determined white matter injury (WMI) predicts cognitive decline after hippocampal avoidant (HA) WBRT for brain metastases: Secondary analysis of NRG Oncology RTOG 0933. J Bovi, S Pugh, D Sabsevitz, C Robinson, E Paulson, M Mehta, V Gondi, V Kundapur, W Pinover, S Chao, M Machtay, A S DeNittis, N Laack, J Greenspoon, R Mannel, J Huang, M Dominello, L Kachnic.

Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
103rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting
November 26-December 1, 2017

  • Sequencing of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma and Gallbladder Carcinoma. JD Van Wickle, L Rein, E Smith, NG Berger, TC Gamblin, B George, P Ritch, T Yen, S Tsai, K Christans, DB Evans, JR Robbins, BA Erickson, WA Hall.

Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
November 26-December 1, 2017
Chicago, IL

  • Sequencing of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the treatment of extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and gallbladder carcinoma. J Van Wickle, L Rein, JR Robbins, B Erickson, NG Berger, TC Gamblin, B George, P Ritch, T Yen, S Tsai, K Christians, D Evans, W Hall.
  • Novel MR-only imaging protocol for MR-gRT. E Paulson, N Michevicius, Z Boyd.
  • Accelerated magnetic resonance fingerprinting using multiband pSSF. N Mickevicius, E Paulson.
Research Presented in 2016

Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Symposium
February 18-20, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ

  • The long-term predictive value of post treatment PET/CT imaging in head and next squamous cell carcinoma. S Suppiah, M Michel, M Stadler, B Massey, B Campbell, S Wong, C Schultz, J Robbins, D Wang.

American Radium Society (ARS)
98th Annual Meeting
Apri 16-19, 2016
Philadelphia, PA

  • An MRI-based online adaptive replanning tool. O Ates, E Ahunbay, G Chen J Zhang, JF Wilson XA Li.

Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Community Engagement Week
April 18-22, 2016
Milwaukee, WI

  • Increasing breast cancer screening in Progressive Community Health Centers patients. J Longo, A Kos, JF Wilson JF, A Currey.

4th MR in RT Symposium
June 18-19, 2016
Ann Arbor, MI

  • Individualized dose prescription map based on MRI/ADC map for chemoradiation therapy pancreas cancer. XF Chen, P Prior, A Tai, XA Li.
  • MR assessed intrafraction organ motions in pelvis. XV Chen, Y Song, B Erickson, XA Li.

American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)
July 31-August 4, 2016
Washington, DC

  • Evaluation of deformation field accuracy using regional rigid registration with variable size. E Ahunbay XA Li.
  • Online replanning for dose painting based on changing ADC map of pancreas cancer. O Ates, E Ahunbay, B Erickson XA Li.
  • Clinical implementation of an outline replanning process. O Ates, E Ahunbay, G Chen, C Lawton, XA Li.
  • Automated dose accumulation and dose accuracy assessment for online or offline adaptive planning. G Chen, E Ahunbay, XA Li.
  • Dose effects of a 1.5T magnetic field on air-tissue and lung tissue interfaces in MRI guided radiotherapy. XF Chen, P Prior, GC Chen CS Schultz XA Li.
  • Early detection of treatment induced bone marrow injury during chemoradiation therapy using quantitative CT. XV Chen XA Li.
  • Radiation induced changes in CT number histogram during chemoradiation therapy for pancreatic cancer. XV Chen, D Schott, W Hall, B Erickson, Y Song, D Li, XA Li.
  • Early assessment of treatment response during radiation therapy delivery for esophageal cancer using quantitative CT. D Li, XA Li.
  • Development of a CT radiomics based early response prediction model during delivery of chemoradiation therapy for pancreatic cancer. S Klawikowski, J Christian, D Schott, J Zhang XA Li.
  • Automated dose deformation for re-irradiation. S Lim, K Kainz, XA Li.
  • Improving CT quality for radiation therapy planning and delivery guidance using a non-linear contrast enhancement technique. G Noid, A Tai, XA Li.
  • Enhancing soft tissue CT contrast for radiation therapy using mono-energetic decompositions of dual energy CT. G Noid, A Tai, Y Liu, XA Li.
  • Real-time organ motion monitoring using ultrasound and KV fluoroscopy during lung SBRT delivery. E Omari, D Cooper, M Lachine, XA Li.
  • CT texture based early tumor treatment response assessment during radiation therapy delivery: small cell vs non-small cell lung cancers. J Paul, EM Gore, XA Li.
  • Is bulk electron density assignment appropriate for MRI only based treatment planning for lung cancer? P Prior, X Chen, C Johnstone, E Gore, XA Li.
  • Statistical segmentation on quantitative CT for assessing spatial tumor response during radiation therapy delivery. D Schott, T Schmidt, X Chen, S Klawikowski, G Noid, E Dalah, XA Li.
  • Monitor deep inspiratory breathhold with a laser sensor for radiation therapy of left breast cancer. A Tai, DJ Li, A Currey, XA Li.
  • An automated and quick contour error detection for auto segmentation in online adaptive radiotherapy. J Zhang, O Ates, XA Li.

American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
September 25-28, 2016
Boston, MA

  • A system to evaluate uncertainty in accumulated dose by deformable image registration. E Ahunbay, O Ates, XA Li.
  • A hybrid adaptive replanning approach for prostate SBRT. O Ates, E Ahunbay, C Lawton, XA Li.
  • A mutation and prognostic biomarker study in grade II and III gliomas utilizing a combined cohort of NRG Oncology/RTO 9802/9813. E Bell, J McElroy, C Schultz, J Fleming, C Timmer, A Chakraborty, A Salavaggione, S Chang, E Shaw, K Aldape, D Brachman, H Shih, M Curtis, G Hunter, A Murtha, P Zhang, M Won, M Mehta, A Chakravarti.
  • Early cardiotoxicity in thoracic radiotherapy for lung and esophageal cancer. J Borkenhagen, CT Rapp, S Klawikowski, EM Gore.
  • Deriving patient specific radiation dose prescription map using ADC for dose painting of pancreatic cancer. XF Chen, P Prior, A Tai, XA Li.
  • Quantitative CT for radiation induced changes in normal breast tissue during partial breast irradiation. XV Chen, C Bergom, A Currey, T Kelly, C Edwin, A Montes, XA Li.
  • Clinical significance of updated MRI simulation immediate postoperative MRI for radiation treatment planning in patients with glioblastoma. A Dayal, M Siker, S Firat, J Bovi, C Schultz, W Mueller, J Connelly S Rand, XA Li.
  • Impact of incidental cardiac radiation on cardiopulmonary toxicity and survival for locally advanced NSCLC: Reanalysis of NRG Oncology/RTOG 0617 with centrally contoured cardiac structures. E Gore, H Chen, V Bar Ad, C Robinson, M Wheatley, J Bogart, Y Garces, V Kavadi, S Narayan, P Lyengar, J Witt, J Welsh, C Koprowski, J Larner, J Bradley.
  • Outcome analysis of treatment in stage IIA T3N0 rectal adenocarcinoma in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). W Hall, D Lans, B Erickson, E Gore, C Arce-Lara, M Kelley,R Santana-Davila,D Marcus, S Tsai, T Ridolfi T.
  • Pancreatic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer tomography (CT) radiomic metrics correlate with pathologic molecular: An exploratory analysis. W Hall, ES Paulson, B Erickson, XA Li, A Vistocky, S Tsai, E Koay, P Knechges, D Evans, K Christian, P Ritch, B George, K Oshima.
  • The impact of dose on overall survival in unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy. AY Hammad, RK Schmid, BA Erickson, TC Gamblin, J Robbins.
  • Patient reported outcomes in RTOG 0436: A phase III trial evaluating the addition of cetuximab to paclitaxel, cisplatin and radiation for esophageal cancer treated without surgery. L Kachnic, J Moughan, E Gore, M Suntharalingam, D Ilson, A Konski, W Burrows.
  • Automated tracking of fractional and accumulated doses for triggering adaptive replanning. K Kainz, S Lim XA Li.
  • Correlation of SMAD4 expression in pre-treatment cytologic specimens and post-neoadjuvant treatment surgical specimens in patients with pancreatic cancer. J Kharofa, C Barnes, A Mackinnon, B George, P Ritch, K Christians, D Evans, B Erickson.
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  • Enhancement of early radiation treatment response assessment by mono-energetic decomposition of dual energy CT. G Noid, A Tai, Y Liu, XA Li.
  • Quantitative CT for tumor response assessment during radiation therapy for lung cancer. J Paul, EM Gore, XA Li.
  • Dosimetric feasibility of pre-operative partial breast irradiation on prone position using MR linac. P Prior, A Currey, T Kelly, J Bovi, C Bergom, XA Li.
  • Risk factors predisposing to early radiation induced cardiotoxicity with definitive RT for lung and esophageal cancer. CT Rapp, Borkenhagen, S Klawikowski, EM Gore, D Schott, W Hall, P Paulson, B Erickson, K Oshima, E Dalah, T Schmidt, XA Li.
  • Correlation of ADC texture with treatment response for chemoradiation therapy of pancreatic cancer. D Schott, W Hall, P Paulson, B Erickson, K Oshima, E Dalah, T Schmidt, XA Li.
  • Pulsed reduced dose rate re-irradiation (PDRDR) using modulated arc (mARC) IMRT for recurrent gliomas: Initial clinical outcomes of a novel technique. M Siker, S Firat, D Prah, C Schultz, A Dayal, C Masterson, J Connelly, W Mueller, J Bovi.
  • A novel breast cancer xenograft model identifies genetic variants in the tumor microenvironment that enhance radiation response. M Straza, A Rymaszewski, A Frey, A Lemke, SW Tsaih, M Flister, C Bergom.
  • Modeling tumor regrowth after stereotactic body radiation therapy for early stage lung cancer. A Tai, F Liu, XA Li.
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  • Complex abdominal organ motion assessed from MRI. E Omari, Y Song, J Christian, E Paulson, B Erickson, XA Li.