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Eye Institute

For millions of children and adults, the world can be blurry, distorted or hardly visible at all, and the suffering this causes can be immense. The Eye Institute is working on alleviating some of this suffering and improving the outcomes for many whose diseases may at one time have been untreatable.

Since we opened our doors more than thirty years ago, Eye Institute researchers have diligently worked to understand the causes of eye disease.

Discoveries in the lab, made possible in part through private funding of research endeavors, have produced new knowledge resulting in an improved understanding and more effective methods of treating such disorders as:

  • Color blindness
  • Macular degeneration
  • Viral infections of the eye
  • Retinal disorders
  • Glaucoma

Philanthropy plays a powerful part of progress at the Eye Institute. Because of your support, we remain among the preeminent eye research centers in the country and continue to generate vital information in the worldwide effort to cure blinding eye disease. Your eye sight is a precious and fragile gift; improving, restoring and preserving it is the driving force behind the Eye Institute’s programs.

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