Resident Research

Research in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin is both nationally and locally funded. Our Research Director, E. Brooke Lerner, holds a PhD in Epidemiology and a is nationally recognized EMS researcher. We also have a Research Coordinator to assist with research related activities, and physician faculty who are leading national research projects specializing in injury, cardiac arrest, and EMS.

Each resident is expected to complete a scholarly activity research project prior to graduation and we have numerous resources to assist with this requirement.

The residency research project requirements include:

  • Oral presentation at the Department's Annual Research Forum
  • Develop a manuscript of publishable quality
  • The Research Director, Residency Program Director, and the resident's research mentor must approve the final manuscript

Current Emergency Medicine Research Opportunities (PDF)

Senior Resident Scholarly Activity Projects

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  Class of 2015

Aranda J, Borgo M, Zhang Y, Pace C: Case control Study identifying factors associated with death within 48 hours of admission through the emergency department

Bilbrey C, Lerner EB, Lenz T: Mass Gathering, Mass Casualty and Incident Command

Dovorany D, Chapelle J, Pace C: Evaluation of Fall Prevention Screening Tools and Identification of Patient Characteristics that Predict Fall Risk in the Emergency Department

Stephanie Dreher, MD and Caroline Pace, MD:  Survey of Ultrasound Utilization by Community Emergency Physicians

Kari B. Haley, MD;  E. Brooke Lerner, PhD;1 Clare E. Guse, MS,  Ronald G. Pirrallo, MD: Assessment, Measurement, and Treatment of Pain by Emergency Medicine Services

Max Nanes, DO, Matthew Tews, DO, MS, Robert Treat, PhD:  Increasing the Completion Rate of an M4 Emergency Medicine Student End-of-Shift Evaluation Form Using a Mobile Electronic Platform

Shanna Paul, MD, Alicia M. Pilarski, DO:  Use of Fibrinolysis in Acute Pulmonary Embolism

Molly Pilarski MD, Amy L. Drendel DO MS, Ali Samina MDCM, Steven J. Weisman MD:  The Language of Satisfaction with Pain Management in Children

Christina Yannetsos, MD and Danny G Thomas, MD, MPH United States survey of judo coaches evaluation of mild traumatic brain injury

  Class of 2014

Brown N, Pilarski A: Improvement of EM Residency Shift Calendars with Computer-Assisted Scheduling Software.

Ferguson C, Aufderheide TP, Yannopoulos D, Glocka P, India L, Brandt J, Colella MR, Lurie KG: The Relationship between Chest Compression Rate, Depth, and Incomplete Chest Recoil during CPR.

Goldin A, Pace C, Wright J, Kaushal S, Diaz-Balderrama T: Management of Atrial Fibrillation: A Cost Comparison.

Lochen M, Lerner EB: A Comparison of Bystander CPR Rates in Countries with and without Conscription.

Stenberg J, Welker K, Kostic MA, Gummin DD: Characterization of Deaths and Major Outcomes from Unintentional Exposure to Diethylene Glycol.

Trichler T, Szabo A, Zhao S, Brandt J, Dunn JT, Glocka P, India LR, Baker JE, Yannopoulos D, Aufderheide TP: Influence of Gender on Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation and Survival.

Welker K, Kostic M, Gummin D: Characterization of Deaths and Major Outcomes from Sodium Salt Ingestions Reported to U.S. Poison Centers.

Williams K, Pace C, Mielnicki D, Rubin J, Decker MD: Pain Management of Acute Fracture Patients after Emergency Department Discharge. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

  Class of 2013

Amoroso E, Colella MR: End -Tidal Capnography in the Spontaneously Breathing, Non-intubated Patient: a Systematic Review.

Borgo M, Havas N, Pace C: Death Within 48 Hours of Admission From the Emergency Department: A Descriptive Analysis of Characteristics and Trends. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Brandt S, Lerner EB, Brandt J, Aufderheide TP, Pirrallo RG: Notification Processes in Exception from Informed Consent Studies.

Hansen E, Pilarski A: The Osteopathic Match-factors Influencing DO Students Matching into Emergency Medicine.

Hansen J, Colella MR, Schmitt S: Is faster Better?: Does the Time Saved by Helicopter Transport Impact the Timing of Care Provided at a Level 1 Trauma Center?

Meyer J, Pace CE, Zosel A: Rivastigimine Overdose.

Mitros C: Clozapine Induced Pleural Effusion - A Case Report.

Polzin A, Turk E, Sites D, Pace C: Analysis of Antiemetic Prescribing Practices in an Adult Emergency Department.

Rogers R, Tews M, Pace C: Delivering Bad News: Using Collaboration and Simulation in an Approach to Resident Education.

  Class of 2012

Daniels T, Brandt S, Lerner EB: Bystander AED Use: A Systematic Review.

Ippen C, Begaz T: ECG Workshop: A Basic Interpretation and Clinical Approach for Medical Students. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation)

Ludtke H, Zosel AE, Sullivan Dillie K: Characterizing Herbals and Dietary Supplements Toxicities using the Toxicology Investigators Consortium Registry.

Navratil M, Callahan EP: Outdoor Recreational Injuries in Wisconsin.

O’Hara C, Decker MC: A Case of Torsades de Pointes Associated with Ondansetron Administration in the Emergency Department.

Sullivan Dillie K, Rubin J: Impact of Health Information Exchange Data on Treatment and Disposition of Patients in a Pediatric Emergency Department.

Szymanski A, Mielnicki D: Comparison of Storz D-Mac to C-Mac Blades for Difficult Scenarios in Novice Intubators. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

  Class of 2011

Abernathy D, Callahan E: Mobile Flashcards as a Study Tool for Emergency Medicine Residents. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Ames B, Hargarten SW: Recurrent Hypotension. Andersen A, Phelan MB: Anton's Syndrome: A Rare Presentation of Stroke.

Deluhery MR, Lerner EB, Pirrallo RG, Schwartz RB: Evaluation of County-Wide Mass Casualty Triage Training and Fourth Month Retention. (Presented at the 2010 Research Forum)

Garcia E, Callahan E, Rehm J: Talk Louder.

Hammond J, Crowe C: Assessing the Effectiveness of Teaching Triage via Computer-Based Technologies in Sub-Saharan African Accident and Emergency Centers.

Rezmer J, Begaz T, Treat R, Tews M: Impact of Group Size on the Effectiveness of a Resuscitation Simulation Curriculum for Medical Students. (Presented at the 2010 Research Forum)

Sayre S, Decker MC: Goal‐Directed Therapy for Septic Shock Pathway Compliance: Provider Perception Compared with Clinical Outcome Data.

  Class of 2010

Cardina A, Hindle D, Lerner EB: Determining Follow-up Stress Test Rates of Discharged ED Patients – A Retrospective Study.

DeWall J, Colella MC: Severe Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: an evidence-based approach.

Finkle D, Lerner EB, Petroll T: Emergency Department Referrals for HIV Testing: A Viable Strategy? (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Karrick A, Hargarten SW, Lerner EB: The Emergency Care Delivery System in Wisconsin.

Lundh C, Kenny A: Painless Aortic Dissection Presenting as Altered Mental Status and Respiratory Distress.

McMillian T, Kostic M: Bladder Outlet Obstruction Leading to Renal Failure and Uremia.

Northway S, Begaz T: Chancroid in an HIV negative woman in the Midwestern US: A Case Report and Literature Review.

  Class of 2009

Gedraitis J, Phelan MB: An Unusual Presentation of a High-Pressure Injection Injury Involving a Molten Substance.

Green E, Lutes M: Exchanging the King LT – D for an Endotracheal Tube using a Flexible Fiber Optic Bronchoscope.

Leib M, Treat R, Phelan MB: Limited Transabdominal Ultrasound Versus Standard Handheld Doppler for Assessment of Fetal Cardiac Activity: A Comparison of Physician Satisfaction.

Meister AN, Callahan EP: Injuries and EMS Responses in Wisconsin State Parks: 2006-2007. (Winner: Career Development Award)

Nolan S, Hindle D: Young Man with Left-Sided Jaw Swelling.

Van Heukelom J, Begaz T, Treat R: Comparison of Post-Simulation Debriefing Versus Ongoing Feedback in Medical Simulation. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Weiss AM, Lutes M: Bag-Valve Mask Ventilation.

Zils S, Lerner EB, Pirrallo RG: Milwaukee Are You Ready? Personal Disaster Preparedness Among Emergency Department Patients.

  Class of 2008

Deisz R, Callahan E: Recreational Injuries at Devil’s Lake State Park.

Mullin JK, Cady CE: The Efficacy of a 6mg bolus of Adenosine in the Prehospital Treatment of Paroxysmal Supraventricular tachycardia.

Schweinsberg B, Lutes M: Guide to Capnography Interpretation for Procedural Sedation.

Slawter(Kenny) A, Lutes M: Emergency Airway Management In the Pregnant Patient.

Streckert MD, Hargarten SW: Emergency Medicine: The Next Global Specialty?

Tumpach E, Lutes M, Lerner EB, Ford D, Andrews S: King LT vs Combitube: Flight Crew Performance and Preference. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Wince T, Callahan E, Rehm J, Bragg D: The Latino Patient: What Do Emergency Medicine Residents Know?

Womak S, Sharpless P, Hindle D: Implementation of Central Venous Access Curriculum for First Year Emergency Medicine Residents.

  Class of 2007

Berger M, Cardoni AL, Cady CE: A Case of an Irreducible Knee Dislocation.

Cardoni AL, Cady CE: Factors Affecting Decision to Transport Cardiac Arrest Patients in Milwaukee County.

Ford D, Lutes M, Tumpach E: Evaluation of King LT Compared to the Combitube as a Rescue Airway Device by Aeromedical Personnel.

Larsen N, Lutes M: Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest: A Review of the Literature.

Leib A, Lutes ML: Book Chapter: "Procedural Sedation and Analgesia." In: Quick Glance Emergency Medicine.

Radke C, Andrews S: CPR and Air Medical Transport: How Often is CPR Performed within the Helicopter?

Sorrentino DA, Decker MC: Implementation of Early Goal Directed Therapy for Septic Shock in the Emergency Department of Froedtert Hospital. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Stiles A, DeBehnke D: The Effect of Point-of-Care Troponin on Emergency Department Length of Stay.

  Class of 2006

Beutler S, Leschke R: Development and Validation of a Clinical Examination Using Standardized Patients for the Senior Emergency Medicine Rotation.

Butler JK, Hall H: Pan-American Collaborative in Emergency Medicine (PACEMD) and MedSpanish: a successful model for international emergency medicine development. (Winner: Career Development Award)

Heinzen Jim K, Callahan E, Grall K: A Cultural Competency Curriculum for Emergency Medicine: Latino Culture. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Johnson AM: Field Amputation Training and Deployment Module.

Kenny G, Lutes M: Book Chapter: "Airway management." In: Quick Glance Emergency Medicine.

Lipski T, Phelan MB: Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound.

Makowski AL, Lindgren K, Lock JP: Evaluation of the Visual Side Effects of Scopolamine-Dextroamphetamine in NASA’s Reduced Gravity Program. (Winner: Best Overall Presentation)

Swanson RC, Donley K, Baute M: Public Health Needs Assessment in Manga, Mozambique.

  Class of 2005

Busse K, Callahan E: SAEM Photo Competition Submission: Diagnostic Dilemma: Weights Gone Wild.

DeMasi M, Hargarten SW: Injury Profiles and Safety Recommendations for Five Martial Arts Styles: A Literature Review. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Greer J, Cady CE: Scene Times in Three-Paramedic versus Two-Paramedic Staffed Ambulances.

Pollard M: Junior Medical Students’ Ability to Retain Knowledge of ACLS Rhythms.

Pope B, Sharpless P: Acute Flank Pain after Binge Drinking and Ibuprofen Use: A Case Presentation. Severson C: Emergency Department Length of Stay after a Process Change.

Stern K, Sharpless P: Validity Study of Emergency Medicine Rotation Final Examination. (Winner: Best Resident Presentation)

Wheeler III AR: Hospital Protocol for Treatment of Hypothermia.