Continuity Clinic

Our residents have a weekly half-day continuity clinic where they learn the basics of primary care and community pediatrics. Residents can attend one of two urban clinics, the Midtown Clinic and the 16th Street Clinic, or one of several pediatric practices in Milwaukee and its suburbs. Residents are excused from all other patient care responsibilities when in clinic.

Most clinics are approximately 10-20 minutes from the main Children's Hospital location.

Midtown Clinic (MTC)

  • Serves a traditionally disadvantaged population
  • Residents establish close relationships with multiple patients and their families

16th Street Clinic

  • Serves children and families from predominantly Latino roots
  • Spanish language fluency required
  • Limited number of training slots available

Other Pediatrics Practices

  • Residents are mentored by full-time or part-time community-based pediatricians
  • Many preceptors are former graduates of the MCW/CHW pediatric residency program
  • Many preceptors are part of Children's Medical Group associated with the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

"My favorite thing about being an MCW pediatric resident is my continuity clinic, where I get to see a wide variety of patients and feel very supported to learn."

– Maya Katusic, MCW pediatric resident, class of 2017

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