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About our Pediatric Residency Program

I chose to come to Milwaukee for residency for a few reasons. First off, I was very impressed with CHW's presence in Milwaukee; it is the only major pediatric hospital in the city, and the top pediatric hospital in the state. With every pediatric specialty available here, I knew I was going to see a large variety of patients and problems. While the attendings are wonderful and the teaching is exceptional, my favorite part of residency is my co-residents. I expected to learn and work hard, but I did not expect to make such great friends and actually have fun working. Not only do we work well together in the hospital, but we have also had the chance to crash weddings, enjoy festivals, go to Brewers games, and take international trips outside of the hospital.

Coming from Chicago, I was interested to see what Milwaukee had to offer. Milwaukee is a thriving little-big-city with endless restaurants, bars, art, museums, and sports. I definitely wanted to be able to enjoy my free time in residency, and Milwaukee has provided that, even at a low cost. Milwaukee did not disappoint!

Sarah Bauer, MCW pediatric resident, class of 2016

I could not be happier to be training at Children's. It has everything I was looking for in a program. There is just the right combination of academia, clinical experience, and service. I continue to be impressed by the collegial approach to patient-centered care. I have the opportunity to work with patients from all walks of life as Children's is a regional referral center for at least three states. Along with diverse population, Milwaukee offers big city perks while being accessible and affordable. Overall, the people here are kind and welcoming with the Midwestern charm to make it feel like home!

Anna Schmitz, MCW pediatric resident, class of 2017

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