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Medical College of Wisconsin Pediatric Residency Scholarly Opportunities and Research

We offer alternative research pathways through the American Board of Pediatrics to provide a variety of opportunities for to incorporate research into your training.

  • Nonstandard pathway to allow for flexibility to accommodate individual career goals
    • Currently 2 residents enrolled
  • Integrated Research Pathway (IRP)
    • Young physician-scientists
    • Fosters transition to a career in academics
    • Minimum 5 months of research during PGY-3 year, maximum 11 months total
  • Accelerated Research Pathway (ARP)
    • 2 year residency, 4 year fellowship
  • R38 Research Pathway
    • 18 months of dedicated research time in a 48-month program
    • 80% protected time for research
    • Extends residency by a year before entering fellowship

For more information on these pathways, contact Beth Auble MD, Associate Program Director with the Pediatric Residency Program 

Integrated Research Pathway Schedule

Ample research elective time in the curriculum allows residents to select month-long blocks during which they can develop and implement research projects.

Scholarly Work and Research

The CRI advances pediatric medical research for children in Wisconsin and beyond. Focusing on translational research, we are taking discoveries from the laboratory and converting them to new therapies at patients’ bedsides.

Children’s Research Institute (CRI)

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