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Medical College of Wisconsin Pediatric Residency Feedback and Input Matters

Your Voice Will be Heard

Resident input regarding all aspects of the residency program is actively solicited and valued. Your voice as a resident will definitely be heard.

We strive to improve the educational experience and day-to-day life of residents by carefully reviewing written evaluations of all rotations and of all faculty, together with verbal input solicited during individual program director meetings, resident retreats and housestaff meetings.


Resident feedback is solicited, and residents have the opportunity to implement changes via:

Twice-a-month all-housestaff meetings.

Resident Advisory Panel (RAP) comprised of individuals elected by their peers, this council meets regularly with the Program Directors and Chief Residents.

Resident members are also elected to the Residency Evaluation Committee, a committee of Faculty and Residents which meets monthly to review the overall curriculum, report on written evaluations of each required and elective rotation, and provide advice to the program directors regarding changes to consider.

The Program Directors are always available to meet informally with individual residents or groups of residents.

Residents also are eligible to participate in the institutional Graduate Medical Education Council, a committee of Program Directors and Residents from all specialties chaired by the Dean of Graduate Medical Education.

An institution-wide Housestaff Health and Welfare Committee includes representatives from each residency training program at MCW and provides another forum to discuss issues relevant to all residents.

The Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals and the Dean of Graduate Medical Education have a resident "Hot Line" for residents to utilize anonymously for issues that they would prefer not to discuss with their program director or faculty advisor.

All residents participate in Quality Improvement (QI) projects, most of which are directly relevant to improving the work satisfaction of residents.

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