Pediatric Residency

My favorite thing about the MCW Pediatrics Residency is...

...the family of residents that I've formed over the last three years. We go through so much together, and it's amazing to know I have such supportive, fun, and brilliant colleagues to help me each day!

Cailyn Rood, MCW pediatric resident, class of 2016

...the variety of patients and complexity of cases that I am able to see!

Katie Carlton, MCW pediatric resident, class of 2019

...the close friendships I made with my co-residents! They are truly people I can depend on.

Nicole Liberio, MCW pediatric resident, class of 2019

Contact Us

Pediatrics Residency Program
Medical Education Office
Children's Corporate Center
999 N. 92nd St., Suite 730
Milwaukee, WI 53226

(414) 266-6800

(414) 337-7068 (fax)

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