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Medical College of Wisconsin Pediatric Residency Advocacy Opportunities

Pediatricians in the 21st century must be more than medically sophisticated. Advocacy for the diverse needs of children requires that pediatricians collaborate with other healthcare workers, government officials and leaders from different community agencies. In 2000, the Medical College of Wisconsin was awarded a $2.5 million grant from the Dyson Foundation. The grant, one of only ten nationwide, recognized this program's innovative approach to community and interdisciplinary professional collaboration.

Community Pediatrics and Advocacy Training
In this four-week rotation during the PL2 year, residents are introduced to community-based organizations active in Milwaukee in advocacy for children and families. They gain competency in team-building skills, cultural sensitivity and awareness, multi-disciplinary care coordination and child advocacy. Core curriculum modules include a focus on classism and racism, impact of poverty, health care financing, barriers to access, applied public policy and ethics.

Community Pediatrics Elective
A four-week elective experience in addition to your PL2 experience allowing for additional focus on your advocacy interests.

Wisconsin State Advocacy Day
An annual event for pediatric residents in the state of Wisconsin to present their advocacy work to residents from all three pediatric residency programs (to colleagues from Madison and Marshfield) and learn about timely advocacy efforts in the state.

Advocacy Committee
Our program includes a resident led/program sponsored advocacy committee focused on enhancing advocacy education, collaborating on community based projects and provide training and opportunities for legislative advocacy.

Advocacy-Based Initiatives and Scholarship
Our residents are involved in and leading numerous advocacy-based initiatives and scholarly projects including receiving many AAP CATCH Grants

  • 2020 AAP Catch Grant: Adolescent-Derived Interventions for Vaping Cessation, Violeta Tregoning, Robert Trevino   
  • 2020 AAP Catch Grant: Suicide Prevention through Firearm Safety, John Schimek, Abby Engen Schimek  
  • 2019 AAP Catch Grant: Health Literacy for Refugees Gabe De Vela, Sonia Mehta 

AAP Advocacy Committee

Pediatricians are naturally poised to be advocates for their patients, and can play a large role in creating meaningful and lasting change for our patients and our community.

The AAP Advocacy Committee is a resident-driven committee designed to supplement our advocacy training throughout residency. Meetings are held monthly, alternating between educational sessions and project-based sessions. Educational sessions involve various community experts to highlight Milwaukee-specific issues that affect our patients and the communities from which they live and grow. We also have skills workshops to practice putting into practice those attributes which will help serve our patients in the future. Project-based sessions include implementing an advocacy-themed over the course of the year to further engage with the community around us.