Grant Preparation, Submission and Management

Preparing and Submitting a Grant Application

The Office of Grants and Contracts (GCO) at the Medical College of Wisconsin supports investigators and research staff in submitting high quality, competitive and compliant funding proposals.

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  Who is eligible to be a Principal Investigator at MCW?

Please review the MCW Corporate Policy Principal Investigator Eligibility (RS.GC.050) for full details (intranet access required).

  What procedure must I follow to submit a grant, contract or agreement?

The document Submissions to the Office of Grants & Contracts (PDF) is a key for determining the method for submitting various types of grant applications, contracts and agreements.

  Are there resources to help me write my grant application?
  Is there support to help me submit my grant application in eBridge?
  • eBridge Training - Funding Proposals
    Most grant applications must be submitted via eBridge, a web-based software application. Research Systems Training offers hands-on training on how to use eBridge to submit your Funding Proposal.
  • eBridge Procedure Guides
    The Office of Grants & Contracts (GCO) provides the guides in PDF format which offer specific instructions on submitting grant applications.
  What is a typical timeline for submitting a grant proposal?
  What can I do to streamline the approval process?
  • Work with your department early in the submission process.
  • Follow the instructions issued by the funding agency for the application.
  • Be sure to justify any extraordinary budget increases from one year to the next and include full direct and facilities and administrative costs.
  • Make sure the correct facilities and administration (F&A) rate is applied to your project.
  • Make sure the application packet is completed and signed.
  • Allow enough time for both your department's approval of your application and the Office of Grants and Contracts to review, approve, and  submit your application.
  • Review Grant Preparation and Submission Timeline (PDF)
  What are the relevant policies and guidelines for grant submissions?

The Medical College of Wisconsin Office of Corporate Compliance maintains the following institutional policies pertaining to research and Grants & Contracts (intranet access required to view):

  Whom do I contact if I have questions?

Please refer to GCO Contacts to determine which grant support specialist can best assist you.

Managing Grants

A sponsored program is an activity which receives external support that carries with it conditions regarding the expenditure of funds, such as requiring a tangible (e.g. a written report) or intangible end product, or obligating MCW to return support if project objectives are not realized. In contrast, a gift is support which has no stipulations of this kind and can be used by the institution as agreed upon with the donor.

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  About Sponsored Programs

Operating as part of the Controller’s Office, the Office of Sponsored Programs helps the MCW community achieve its educational and research mission by providing efficient and effective post award management support for sponsored projects.  Sponsored Programs maintains responsible stewardship of sponsored projects as directed by the values of our office and the applicable federal, state, and agency regulations and policies. It also ensures effective communications with appropriate MCW offices concerning grant reporting and oversight responsibilities, and strives to provide professional and quality customer support and services.

  When can I start to spend my award money?

MCW receives funds from Federal and non-Federal sources as support for sponsored awards. There are legitimate instances when a Principal Investigator (PI) will need to incur costs associated with a sponsored award prior to official Notice of Award (NOA) receipt. Federal sponsors usually permit charges for up to 90 days before the start date and many industry sponsored clinical trials allow for start-up costs.

A pre-award start date can be in advance of the expected award start date if permitted by the award sponsor. All costs incurred on a pre-award account must be charged in accordance with the sponsoring agency agreement and/or guidelines. Rather than charging these expenses to an account not associated with the award and then having to process cost transfers after the award is officially accepted, the department can request a pre-award account to be set up by the Office of Sponsored Programs. eBridge should be used to request a pre-award account for awards with Funding Proposals (FPs) in the system. If eBridge will not be used for the award, the Pre-Award Account Establishment Form found on the Sponsored Programs Forms page, should be completed and sent to

As pre-award accounts and their associated costs can put MCW at risk, the requesting PI/Department will be required to identify an alternate (unsponsored) funding source that has adequate funds to cover pre-award costs if problems arise with the funding of the official award prior to Sponsored Program’s approval of a pre-award account. PIs are responsible for ensuring that all costs incurred before the award is officially received are charged correctly to the pre-award account. The pre-award account will continue to be used for charging allowable expenses once the award is made.

  What are my responsibilities as PI?
  Who provides post-award services?

Every department has a designated liaison with the Office of Sponsored Programs who will distribute information to all principal investigators. This liaison may be the Department Administrator or their designee.

Research investigators are also welcome to attend training sessions offered to administrative staff periodically by the Office of Sponsored Programs.

  How do I transfer grants to another PI or another institution?
  • Transferring to another MCW faculty member
    In order to transfer funding to another MCW faculty member, an investigator must initiate steps by contacting the Office of Grants & Contracts.
  • Transferring to another institution
    In order to transfer funds to another institution, an investigator must obtain a completed Relinquishment Statement from MCW, allowing for funds to be released to another institution.  Contact the Office of Grants & Contracts for details.
  How do I close fund accounts, grants and contracts?

Funding agencies and MCW policies require that final project reports for sponsored research be submitted in a timely manner in order to allow close out of accounts. Sponsored accounts do not automatically close when the grant expires, funds are fully expended or the PI leaves MCW. The academic department will coordinate the closing of specific fund accounts with the Office of Sponsored Programs once they have received the final project reports from the PI.

  Whom do I contact if I have questions?

View complete Sponsored Programs contact list here (intranet access required)

Find additional resources and training on the Sponsored Programs website:

Sponsored Programs Website (intranet access required)

Our offices are located in Suite 145, Research Park Building, 10000 Innovation Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53226