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State of the Science in Health Disparities: Structural Inequality and Health Outcomes

Past Conference Details: October 19-20, 2023 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The annual State of the Science in Health Disparities Conference is designed to cover the current state of knowledge regarding health disparities and discuss the most innovative research and policy topics in the field. This year’s event will focus on structural inequality and health outcomes. The two-day event will include morning and afternoon sessions with speakers from the Medical College of Wisconsin and invited national experts.

The first day is planned to focus on first defining structural inequalities and data on the burden of structural inequalities across diverse disease groups. The afternoon session will then focus on mechanisms and potential pathways linking structural inequality to health outcomes. An evening poster session on the first day will focus on sharing work conducted by trainees, offering time for networking and career development. The morning session on day two will focus on the state of the science in terms of interventions that work in addressing structural inequalities across various disease groups. Finally, the afternoon session of the second day will focus on policy implications of existing research and policy strategies for the future of addressing structural inequalities. To close the 2-day event, Center Directors hosting the event will facilitate a panel discussion on what we have learned and the way forward.

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