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MCW Center for Advancing Population Science (CAPS) Active Research Studies


Lead PI: Joan Neuner, MD, MPH

An interdisciplinary team of researchers is currently investigating decision making, disparities, and outcomes related to medication use. Joan Neuner, MD, MPH, leads a NIH R01 that examines policy relevant barriers to medication adherence and their association with SES-based disparities in mortality. Kathryn Flynn, PhD, leads (as multiple PI with Ehab Atallah, MD) a NIH RO1 following patients with chronic myeloid leukemia who discontinue tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy to characterize the patient factors associated with CML recurrence and explore patient decision making regarding discontinuation with monitoring. Aaron Winn, PhD, in the school of Pharmacy leads a CTSI KL2 to apply novel analytic techniques to examine the comparative effectiveness and toxicity of treatments for metastatic breast cancer.

  • Illness Perceptions in Congestive Heart Failure (Dr. Burns)
  • Translating Medical Reports for Patients (Dr. Crotty)
  • Information Sharing Across Generations and Environments (Dr. Crotty)
  • Avoiding Health Disparities when Collecting Patient (Dr. Crotty)
  • MCW Cancer Center Promising R01 Program: Caregiver Digital Intervention Development (Dr. Nattinger)
  • A Statewide RCT to Reduce Use of Ineffective or Unproven Breast Cancer Center (Dr. Nattinger)
  • Care of the Elder Hospitalized Patient: the Role of the Hospitalist (Dr. Nattinger)
  • Policy-Relevant Mechanisms of Socioeconomic Disparities in Adherence to Oral Hormonal Therapy for Breast Cancer (Dr. Neuner)
  • PROs (Patient Reported Outcomes) for Adherence to Breast Cancer Therapy (Dr. Neuner)
  • Influenza Vaccine to Effectively Stop Cardio Thoracic Events and Decompensated Heart Failure (Dr. Whittle)

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