Health Disparities and the Response to COVID-19 in Wisconsin Conference

October 6-8, 2020

This three-part series is designed to cover the current state of knowledge regarding health disparities and COVID-19 and activities in Wisconsin addressing disparities noted early in the pandemic. Speakers from the Medical College of Wisconsin, the City of Milwaukee, and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation will discuss response by the academic medical center, government, and community to COVID-19 and how we can work together to protect vulnerable populations as the pandemic continues.

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Virtual Webinar Series

Sessions will be structured in three 90 minute sessions hosted virtually from 11:30 am-1:00 pm October 6, 7, and 8. Each session will include three 20-minute presentations followed by a Q&A session.

The first session on October 6 will focus on the underlying biology and epidemiology of COVID-19 and how the pandemic is impacting existing health disparities. The second session on October 7 will focus on how projects funded by the Advancing Healthier Wisconsin Endowment to address health disparities noted early in the pandemic addressed gaps in screening, prevention, and care for vulnerable populations. Finally, the third session on October 8th will conclude the series with a discussion on the local government and community response to the pandemic.

The virtual webinar series has been designed to provide up to date information to academics, students, and community activists to advance the discussion on how to address health disparities in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conference Speakers


John R. Raymond, MD

President, CEO, Professor


Joseph E. Kerschner, MD

Provost, Executive Vice President, Medical School of Wisconsin; Dean, School of Medicine; Professor


Ben Weston, MD, MPH

Associate Professor; Associate Fellowship Director, EMS Fellowship


Leonard E. Egede, MD, MS

Director, Center for Advancing Population Science; Professor of Medicine & Eminent Scholar; Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine; Associate Director, Diversity, Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Center; Co-Director, MCW CTSI KL2 Program; Director, MCW CTSI Master's in Clinical/Translational Research


Joyce L. Sanchez, MD, FACP

Assistant Professor


Kirsten Beyer, PhD, MPH, MS

Associate Professor


Laura Cassidy, MS, PhD

Professor and Director of Epidemiology


Terri A. deRoon Cassini, MS, PhD

Associate Professor


Jeffrey A. Kelly, PhD

Professor and Director, CAIR


Andrew Petroll, MS, MD

Associate Professor


Gilbert C. White, II, MD

Director, Versiti Blood Research Institute; Professor, Department of Medicine; Secondary Faculty


Ian Bautista

Senior Director of Civic Engagement, Greater Milwaukee Foundation

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