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MCW Community Engagement Requests

Requests are submitted to the MCW Office of Community Engagement for communication assistance and consultations with both academic and community partners to assist in connections, strategies, planning, and development for community engagement (CE) and community-engaged research (CEnR). The services are fulfilled and/or facilitated by experts in the fields of CE and CEnR.

CE Request Overview

Please review the request types and submit the details of your request via the online form. 
Request Types

All CE request types are related to and/or have a focus of CE/CEnR or will be facilitated by the Office of Community Engagement. Some examples, as they relate to community engagement, are included but are not limited to:

  • Award/Program Nomination Assistance: Do you plan to nominate someone for a community-engaged recognition or program and are seeking assistance coordinating, sourcing data, or writing a letter of support?
  • Communication: Are you seeking to publicize your CE efforts/events to a broad audience?
  • Community Presence: Are you seeking an MCW representative to speak at/attend a community event? (Examples: health screening, health fair)
  • Connection: Are you seeking a connection to build a relationship and share ideas for a potential community-academic partnership?
  • Convening: Are you seeking assistance convening a group around a specific topic/issue or contributing to a planning group?
  • Data: Are you seeking data and information about CE at MCW for a proposal or report?
  • Field Trip/Tour: Are you seeking connections to MCW units or community partner organizations that can host your group for tours or field trips?
  • Input Session with OCE Team: Are you seeking a general meet and greet with MCW OCE? Do you want to share your work and seek input from community-engaged staff and faculty about your ideas, work, and needs?
  • Library Usage: Do you need information on how a community member can access MCW Libraries?
  • Presentation about Community Engagement: Are you seeking a presentation about CE and CEnR?
  • Research/Grant-Specific Advisement: Are you seeking input and support on CE/CEnR/CBPR strategies for a grant proposal or research project? Are you seeking input on CEnR-focused IRB protocol and consent process? Are you seeking a letter of support?
  • Sponsorships: Are you seeking sponsorship of an event?
  • Volunteer and Outreach Opportunities: Are you interested in sharing or finding volunteer or outreach opportunities?
  • Other: Is your request for something not covered in the other categories?
If we cannot fulfill or directly provide the consultation or communication assistance, we will try to connect you to somebody who can help with your request. For requests, the types listed above are the most frequently asked, but if you do not see one that fits your needs, please fill in the summary with the details of your request.
Submit a Request

Please indicate whether your request is for Communication (publicizing your CE efforts/events to a broad audience) or Consultation (facilitating connections, tours, input sessions, presentations, research/grant-specific advisement, volunteer/outreach opportunities, etc.). If your request is for communication, OCE reserves the right to review and determine whether we can widely share the information you submit. If your request is not related to communications but is not represented in the consultation categories, please select Consultation Request and summarize the details of your specific request.

OCE faculty and staff who have expertise in CE and CEnR will review and respond to requests on a case-by-case basis. If we cannot directly assist with your request, we will try to connect you to someone who can.

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