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MCW Community Engagement Survey

The MCW Community Engagement Survey is an institution-wide survey, originally administered in 2014, to identify community-engaged activities to inform strategies for advancing the CE mission. It is also used as a tool for measuring the progress of the CE mission on a department and institutional level. Given the scale of MCW’s workforce, the survey is distributed annually alternating between faculty and staff. The results are then imported and visualized in the CE Dashboard.
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Data Visualization thru Dashboard

The CE Dashboard serves as a novel tool for exploring rich, longitudinal CE data with a simple interface and in a way that vastly facilitates data management. 
CE Dashboard Overview

The Community Engagement Dashboard was created to address the increasing needs - evident on a national level -  to better measure the critical components of CE work. The CE dashboard was deployed in November 2020.

Key features of the dashboard:

  • Results from the CE Survey can be imported directly into the CE Dashboard for data visualization
  • Provides a high level of accuracy, consistency, and reliability to survey reporting
  • Integrates with MCW systems for enhanced demographic information
  • Allows leaders to drill down to departmental-level results
  • Captures rolling 5 years of data (survey data begins at 2018)
  • Spreadsheets and graphs can be instantly downloaded or printed

Reporting capabilities are used for:

  • Mission advancement
  • Applying for grants, awards and recognitions
  • Reinforcing aims for benefiting the health of our community
  • Identifying strategic priorities
  • Substantiating CE research

Key metrics of the CE Dashboard include:

  • CE grant dollars and personnel effort
  • CE survey results
  • CE community partners

Future work will focus on continual enhancement and real-time capture of CE activities.

Access to CE Dashboard (Internal Use Only)

The CE Dashboard is available to all MCW leaders who currently have access to the MCW Grants Cube. 

Please note:

  • Survey results reflect changes that took place through the years in elicitation methods (Qualtrics vs. REDCap), analysis and reporting methods (manual vs. automatic calculations), as well as the impact of COVID-19 on the amount of involvement people had with different types of CE activities.
  • The CE Survey was expanded after 2014 to include additional categories of CE activity; thereafter, continuous refinements took place. Results should be viewed as longitudinal indicators of the general progress of CE involvement within our institution.
  • Survey results from 2014 – 2017 are available upon request. Results from 2018 and all subsequent years are available to department chairs and business leaders via the CE Dashboard.


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