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Early Clinical Learners Teacher Training Resource and Certificate Site

Teams CollaborativeWelcome! If you teach, or intend to teach medical students, this site is for you!

We are hopeful you will find this site useful. We have included tools and resources created through our Faculty Development program, and links to other sites with additional materials. You can choose resources that best match your schedule and needs. Through your feedback, we aim to improve the precepting experience by continuous refinement of materials and resources available on this site.

There is particular need for preceptor development in Health Profession Shortage Areas (HPSA) across Wisconsin. View the HPSA website to determine shortage areas. Whether or not you are located in a HPSA designated area, your involvement in this site will benefit your teaching, and we will benefit from your feedback and insight on strategies to: 

  • Brainstorm teaching solutions for common learning scenarios
  • Address barriers to precepting
  • Assist preceptors with tools to facilitate active participation of medical students

Our goal: the best teaching and learning experience for you and your students. We also appreciate your feedback and input on what you need to precept well.