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Meet Our Family and Community Medicine Team

Tosa Health Center


Syed M. Ahmed, MD, DrPH

Sr Associate Dean, Director, Professor


Sabina Diehr, MD

Associate Professor


William J. Hueston, MD

Sr Associate Dean, Professor

Hub for Collaborative Medicine


Ahmed, Syed, MD, MPH, DrPH | Professor, DFCM and Institute for Health & Equity; Senior Associate Dean for Community Engagement; Director, HWPP and CTSI Community Engagement Key Function

Barry, Courtney, PsyD | Assistant Professor; CHCR

Bernstein, Rebecca, MD | Associate Professor; Co-Director, Division of Medical Student Education

Diehr, Sabina, MD | Associate Professor; Division of Medical Student Education

Dodson, Lisa, MD | Professor; Campus Dean, MCW-Central Wisconsin

Gravel, Joseph, Jr, MD, FAAFP | Professor; Department Chair

Franco, Zeno, PhD | Associate Professor; CHCR, CTSI

Hooyer, Katinka, PhD | Assistant Professor; CHCR

Hueston, William, MD | Professor; Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Hulbert, Karen, MD | Associate Professor; Division of Medical Student Education

Hunsaker, Matthew, MD | Professor; Campus Dean, MCW-Green Bay

Meurer, Linda, MD, MPH | Professor; Vice Chair of DFCM Academic Affairs, Director - Fellowship

Morzinski, Jeff, PhD | Professor; Director, Professional Development Division; Evaluation Director, Academic Fellowship in Primary Care Research

Nelson, David, PhD | Associate Professor; CHCR

Plotkin, Michael, DO | Assistant Clinical Professor; Program Director, Osteopathic Program

Prunuske, Jacob, MD | Associate Professor; Assistant Dean, MCW-Central Wisconsin

Ruffalo, Leslie, PhD | Associate Professor; Co-Director, Division of Medical Student Education

Wolff, Marie, PhD | Associate Professor; CHCR

Young, Craig, MD | Professor; Director, Sports Medicine

Young, Staci, PhD | Associate Professor; Director, Center for Healthy Communities and Research


Antczak, Chris | Administrative Assistant, CHCR

De Los Santos, Jefferson | Program Manager, CHCR

DeNomie, Melissa | Research Coordinator III, CHCR

Johnson, Laura | Quality Analyst II

Krause-Fromm, Karen | Community Program Associate, CME & CHCR

Lotz, Heather | Program Manager, GME

Malveaux, Alanda | Education Program Coordinator I, Division of Medical Student Education

McKee, Keyosha | Education Program Associate

Rhodes, Carletta | Education Program Coordinator II, Fellowship

Shaw, Stephanie, MSM, MBA | Program Manager, Division of Medical Student Education

Westog, Holly, MEd | Department Administrator

Wimer, Amber | Financial Analyst