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Meet the Medical College of Wisconsin Family and Community Medicine Team

Tosa Health Center


Sabina Diehr, MD


Hub for Collaborative Medicine


Bernstein, Rebecca, MD | Associate Professor; Co-Director, Division of Medical Student Education

Diehr, Sabina, MD | Professor; Division of Medical Student Education

Dodson, Lisa, MD | Professor; Sentry Dean  and Founding Dean, MCW-Central Wisconsin

Franco, Zeno, PhD | Associate Professor; CHCR, CTSI

Gravel, Joseph, Jr, MD, FAAFP | Professor; Department Chair

Hooyer, Katinka, PhD | Assistant Professor; CHCR

Hunsaker, Matthew, MD | Professor; Campus Dean, MCW-Green Bay

Meurer, Linda, MD, MPH | Professor; Vice Chair of DFCM Academic Affairs, Director - Fellowship

Nelson, David, PhD | Professor; CHCR

Prunuske, Jacob, MD | Professor; Assistant Dean, MCW-Central Wisconsin

Ruffalo, Leslie, PhD | Associate Professor; Co-Director, Division of Medical Student Education

Young, Staci, PhD | Professor; Director, Center for Healthy Communities and Research


De Los Santos, Jefferson | Program Manager, CHCR

Her, Jenny | Education Coordinator, FM Clerkship

Johnson, Laura | Quality Analyst II

Larson, Kairee | Community Program Coordinator II

Lotz, Heather | Program Manager, GME

Merrill, Jeanine, MBA | Community Program Coordinator II

Overton, Irma | Administrative Associate

Rhodes, Carletta, MBA | Education Coordinator II

Scanlan, Kerry | Community Program Coordinator II

Shaw, Stephanie, MSM, MBA | Program Manager, Division of Medical Student Education

Westog, Holly, MEd | Department Administrator

Young, Amber | Financial Analyst