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Medical College of Wisconsin - Medical Students Acting Internships in Neurological Surgery

The MCW Department of Neurological Surgery offers a 4-week Acting Internship (AI) to 4th year students. This AI provides an opportunity for students considering a residency in neurological surgery to work alongside our faculty and residents in all aspects of the discipline. Students will become familiar with a wide range of neurological diseases and interventions while working alongside international leaders in spine surgery, brain injury, and imaging research at a Level I trauma center.

Students will experience growth in their clinical acumen with care of complex patients involving traumatic, urgent, and elective spinal and cranial issues. Students will complete initial assessments, diagnosis and treatment plans, and, under the supervision of faculty and residents, implement treatment. In addition, students will participate in weekly didactic conferences. This 4-week Acting Internship runs from the end of June through mid-December each year.

Please Note:

For ALL students interested in matching into Neurosurgery, Neurology clerkship is a must for best understanding of issues affecting neuro patients. Additionally, having a full, 4-week Neurology clerkship completed is REQUIRED for a Neurosurgery AI, unless exception approval by Dr. Swartz.

Interested students may apply for the Acting Internship through the Visiting Student Application Service. The course number is NSUR D4210.

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Greenberg's Handbook of Neurosurgery.

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M3 Rotation: NSUR D3341 (4-week rotation)

  • 3rd year Medical Student Clerkship

M4 Rotation: NSUR D4610 (4-week rotation)

If you have specific questions regarding the process for spending time with us, contact the MCW Academic Records Coordinator/Office of the Registrar at

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Academic Records Coordinator/Office of the Registrar

Medical College of Wisconsin

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Underrepresented in Medicine Student Elective (URiM)

MCW is committed to diversity and inclusion. If you are a URiM student, we invite you to apply for a visiting rotation. 

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For additional information, contact or

Academic Records Coordinator/Office of the Registrar

Medical College of Wisconsin

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