Transplant Surgery Education

The academic program of the Transplant Surgery Division is aimed at providing MCW surgical residents with experience in abdominal organ transplantation and related surgical procedures including organ procurement and vascular access in adults as well as in pediatric patients. We do not have a transplantation surgical fellowship, therefore, the senior resident on the transplant service functions as the primary surgeon on the majority of cases. Junior residents on the service perform cases involving peritoneal dialysis catheter placement, some vascular access and portions of other transplants. The service provides extensive and unique experience in managing patients with end stage kidney and liver failure, immunosuppressive medication and general surgical complications of abdominal organ transplantation.

The Transplant Surgery Division maintains an active interest in clinical and laboratory research. The Division is known nationally for their consistently excellent outcomes in both patient and graft survival. Through collaborative efforts with the Division of Nephrology, all eligible transplant patients are entered into multicenter clinical trials. Recent developments in the areas of transplant immunology and histocompatibility are creating additional opportunities to improve outcomes and increase patients’ access to life saving organ transplants. We anticipate that this will be an ongoing example of applied clinical research. Opportunities also exist for laboratory research within the basic science departments at MCW.