Research Residents

Christina Bence, MD

Christina Bence, MD

I will be working with the Division of Pediatric Surgery from 2018-2020. My research interests cover a broad range of topics, from common pediatric surgical diseases, to the surgical management of fetal diagnoses, to pediatric trauma. I am currently involved in a variety of projects including a cost-based approach to appendectomy, outcomes associated with surgical resection in high-risk neuroblastoma, and two multi-institutional studies evaluating outcomes in the gastroschisis population. My focus is related to fetal diagnoses, specifically studying maternal stress and resilience in the prenatal diagnosis of fetal anomalies. This data could change the way ante-partum mental health screening is performed and inform our understanding of resilience markers in this population. I also have a personal interest in public health research related to gun violence prevention in the pediatric population.





Kelly Boyle,MD

Kelly Boyle, MDI am working with the Division of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. My research focuses on the management and outcomes of patients with traumatic injuries and those who require emergency general surgery services. I have various projects investigating a wide range of topics, including penetrating torso trauma, extremity vascular trauma, and adhesive small bowel obstructions. My main focus explores thoracic trauma, and we are conducting a multi-institutional trial to determine the efficacy of thoracic irrigation in preventing secondary interventions for retained hemothorax. I also have an interest in resident education and am engaged in a study investigating ultrasound skill retention in junior residents.






Katherine Hu, MD

Katherine Hu, MDMentored by Dr. Timothy Ridolfi (Colorectal Surgery). I will be working with the Division of Colorectal Surgery from 2018-2020 at both Froedtert/MCW and the Zablocki VA Medical Center. My current research focuses on clinical outcomes in colon and rectal cancer. I also have an interest in quality improvement and am working on projects examining factors affecting surgical readmissions.







Erin A. Strong, MD, MBA, MPH

Erin A. Strong, MD, MBA, MPHMentored by Dr. T. Clark Gamblin (Surgical Oncology). I am working in the Division of Surgical Oncology. My current research focuses on clinical outcomes in complex abdominal cancers including gastrointestinal and pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors and peritoneal malignancies treated with cytoreductive surgery (CRS) and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC). I also have interests in hospital administration, quality improvement, and physician leadership development.