We Care Fund for Medical Innovation and Research

WeCare logoFounded in 2010, The We Care Fund supports MCW researchers and physicians who are creating cutting-edge therapies and clinical programs that benefit patients in Wisconsin and throughout the world. 100% of all donations support medical research. The We Care Fund supports research in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, diseases of newborn/child, organ transplant, and trauma. Our goal is to accelerate the development of those life-saving solutions.

Why We Care

Patients with cancer, organ failure, and complications from trauma or cardiovascular diseases are searching for two things: hope and a clear plan of treatment.

Hope and Innovation

Bringing hope and innovation treatment plans to patients and their families depends on translating new medical discoveries from the laboratory for use in the operating room, the bedside, and the clinic. The mission of the We Care Fund is to support researchers and physicians who are creating cutting-edge therapies and clinical programs that benefit patients in Wisconsin and throughout the world.

Our Goal

The We Care Fund supports research in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the newborn/child, organ transplantation, and trauma. Traditional funding mechanisms supporting basic science and clinical care can take months, even years. Some of the most promising and exciting solutions simply cannot wait that long. Our goal is to accelerate the development of those advanced, life-saving solutions by engaging the local community to help bring the best healthcare to Wisconsin.

We Care Accomplishments

  • 8 We Care grants totaling $392,494 generated 7 NIH & larger grants totaling $17 million of advanced research

  • $2.4M contributed by 2,000 donors

  • 19 MCW investigators have received 21 We Care grants

  • 9 Research recovery grants distributed in 2020 during Covid-19 shutdown

  • 100% of donations is used for medical innovation

The Douglas B. Evans Chair for Surgical Research Sponsored by the We Care Fund

An endowed chair serves as a crucial incentive to attract and retain top scientists, researchers and clinicians. It will play a key role in propelling the pancreatic cancer program forward. More importantly, it will help deliver on our promise to continue to provide hope for every patient.

  • Endowed chairs are the “golden coin” for academic recruitment and retention of the highest quality talent
  • Endowed chairs enhance the ability of the chairholder to secure extramural funding
  • Endowed chairs provide greater visibility and national recognition for the academic work of the chair-holder
  • Endowed chairs elevate recognition for the department as well as MCW at a national and international level
Translating Discoveries Into Better Patient Care+

Translating Discoveries Into Better Patient Care+

Douglas B. Evans, MDDouglas B. Evans, MD

Dr. Douglas B. Evans is Chair of the Department of Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He leads a team of scientists and physicians devoted to the rapidly growing clinical and translational research programs at the College’s Cancer Center. Dr. Evans’ professional career is dedicated to the research and treatment of pancreatic cancer. He is nationally recognized for his work in developing personalized treatment programs for his patients that target the unique molecular characteristics of their tumors.

Join Dr. Evans and his colleagues today in their personal mission to help focus the greatest minds in medicine on research and treatment of diseases that affect us all.

How You Can Help - Your Contributions, Put to Work+

How You Can Help - Your Contributions, Put to Work+

Contributions to the We Care Fund are used to support researchers and physicians working at all stages of the scientific discovery process. Your contribution will have a direct, positive impact on their work and ultimately the lives of their patients.

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If you are interested in sharing your story or comments, please contact Jason Kraiss at or (414) 955-4383. Please join us. There is no greater need than our future health and there is no better time than today.

“When I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I was advised that Dr. Evans was the best pancreatic cancer surgeon in the country. In addition to saving my life with his surgical skills, Dr. Evans also inspired me to be a lifetime advocate for the fight against pancreatic cancer.”

-Mary Sharkey, featured on ABC’s Houston Medical (June/July 2001)

“Faced with pancreas and heart surgery, it was comforting to know the doctors on my team were also top-notch medical researchers. The Medical College of Wisconsin gives patients in our hometown access to world-class treatment, backed up by the latest advances in research and scientific discovery.”

-Bob Uecker, Milwaukee Brewers

“When you face a life threatening illness, it is all about having the best doctor. I feel so fortunate that the Medical College of Wisconsin is attracting so many renowned physicians and researchers. The We Care Fund is helping to make this possible. I want our hometown to have access to the very best."

-Arlene Wilson

Proceeds support the We Care Fund for pancreatic cancer research - in memory of Dr. Kenneth First. Pancreatic cancer devastates too many individuals and families. Our hope is that the advancements made through innovative medical research will provider better treatment and improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

He Can. He Will. 1st Annual 5k Fun Run / Walk to Honor and Support Dr. Kenneth First

We Care Fund Committee

Arlene Lee, Founder
Melissa Irwin, Chair
Carrie Raymond Bedore
Ashley Brunner
Roger Caplinger
Aletha Champine
Betsy Evans
Deb Gollin
Sandra Hansen Harsh
Ruth Joachim
Gerry King
Jennifer La Macchia

Joel Lee
Liza Longhini
Darren Miller
Mary Ann Miller
Brian Neuwirth
Abigail Barnes Schroeder, PA-C
Peggy Schuemann
Brian Trexell
Aaron Valentine
Liza Zito

In memory, Maggy Zito Schultz, 2012-2019


We Care Fund (featuring Bob Uecker) HD from JWD-Creative on Vimeo

A short commercial created for the Medical College of Wisconsin's WeCare Fund. This commercial played on the Jumbotron in Miller Park during a Brewers game. JWD-Creative wrote, filmed, directed, and edited the video.

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