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Academic Consultation

Our Mission

We support student success by assisting with a broad array of student needs and concerns. These include:

  • the acclimation to increased academic demand
  • the integration of knowledge and skills
  • the navigation of institutional policies and requirements
  • the strategic planning for future career paths
  • the exploration of new strategies to excel academically

We aim to provide the most accurate information and the most relevant resources to guide and address student needs throughout their academic career.

About Academic Consultation

What can I expect in an academic consultation?
Each session is uniquely crafted for the individual student with confidentiality strongly upheld, excluding legal obligation. The adaptability of a session plays a critical role in its effectiveness, along with four other key components: identifying the question or area of concern, collaborative discussion to flush out the impacting variables, defining action steps for future progress, and planning for accountability.
When should I consider advising?
A consultation can be beneficial for all students. Students may utilize consulting sessions to discuss academic resources, board exam preparation, tutoring, academic planning and scheduling, leaves of absences, learning strategies, time management, specialty exploration, peer conflict, and more.
How do I schedule?
Academic Support and Enrichment utilizes WcOnline for scheduling requests. This service allows our team to easily manage appointments, send reminders and follow ups, and provides an online platform for webcam appointments. Once a student has registered for an account through WcOnline and provided their MCW credentials and information, they have quick access to our services.

Use the following instructions for registration and scheduling assistance:

WcOnline – How to Register for an Account (PDF)
WcOnline – How to Schedule an Appointment (PDF)

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