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Milwaukee Campus Resources

Review helpful information to get your search started as well as review area postings near the Milwaukee campus.
Search Resources

Getting Started

Before you start looking, there are several sources of information to investigate before you hit the road.

  • MCW-Milwaukee has a bulletin board (located in the west entrance to the cafeteria on the main floor) which lists rental properties (duplexes, apartment complexes, homes, etc.) as well as homes for sale or students looking for roommates. There are the current offerings in the Housing Listings section below.
  • You may wish to contact a rental agency, but only if you are unable to locate an apartment through the sources listed above. The majority of agencies charge a non-refundable fee ranging from $35-$50. Before visiting agencies, call and request information regarding specific services provided and fees.
  • Get the Walk Score® of locations in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa (found under 'Transportation' heading). 

Neighborhood Safety Resources:

When to start looking

Begin your housing search as soon as possible. Come to Milwaukee and start getting familiar with the city.

August 1 leases will be on the market the first full week of June. Ideally, try to visit the Milwaukee area no later than July so that you can sign a lease to begin August 1. You want to be settled in your apartment by the time Orientation starts. If you need a place to stay while you are conducting your housing search, please consult the Lodging Housing Guide published by the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center.

Festivals are a staple in Milwaukee, but can cause hotels to book up quickly. Be aware of that when scheduling any visits to Milwaukee.


Before you begin your search, it will be necessary for you to decide how much you can afford to pay.

Once you have arrived at an amount, don't change it. Nice places have a way of tempting you to live on money you don't have. 

When you agree to rent an apartment, you will probably be required to pay a security deposit. It will usually be equal to one month's rent. The deposit is kept by the landlord to protect him/her from any damage you may cause while living there. When you move out, your landlord is obligated to return the deposit within 21 days, minus any funds withheld to repair damages. If the landlord does withhold funds, he or she is required to give you an itemized list of the damages and the amount withheld. To protect yourself from damages for which you are not responsible, ask for an inventory and assessment list. Check the apartment carefully before renting it.


Students in search of roommate can contact for instructions on how to get connected with your fellow MCW classmates.

Rental Listings

Student Housing Opportunity

Students looking for housing close to the MCW campus are invited to submit applications to rent at the newly developed Watertown Apartments, located west of the Ronald McDonald House on Watertown Plank Rd. For more information about this housing opportunity, please click on one of the following informational links:

Questions related to listing a rental property, finding housing and/or roommate(s)? Please contact

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