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Medical College of Wisconsin Schools and Programs

School of Medicine

The MCW School of Medicine in Milwaukee and campuses in Green Bay and Central Wisconsin provide an innovative, rigorous and immersive curriculum that prepares our graduates with a deep understanding of the healthcare needs in their communities.

  • The Milwaukee campus offers a four-year curriculum with opportunities to explore a wide variety of Scholarly Pathways that allow students to individualize their medical training while considering career paths of interest.
  • The Green Bay and Central Wisconsin campuses provide a calendar-efficient, three-year curriculum, ideally suited for students seeking a career with a primary care emphasis. Students live and learn immersed in the communities where they are likely to practice.
  • The Anesthesiologist Assistant program (MSA), located at the Milwaukee campus, provides high quality education through challenging curriculum and comprehensive clinical teaching, preparing safe and competent providers for the surgical patient.
  • The Physician Associate (PA) Program, located at the Milwaukee campus, will offer an interprofessional team approach to cultivate academically minded PAs and prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to promote the health of individuals and communities.

MCW is working to ensure that a larger proportion of our graduates stay in Wisconsin to practice after graduation. Our School of Medicine will help provide future physicians in communities across the state, particularly in areas where doctors are needed the most.

School of Graduate Studies

The MCW Graduate School offers master’s and doctoral degrees, certificate programs and post-doctoral education opportunities, along with the opportunity to train with nationally recognized biomedical and health researchers while contributing to cutting-edge, highly translational medical research and improved public and community health.

School of Pharmacy

The MCW School of Pharmacy is preparing the next generation of pharmacists to be healthcare providers, ready to engage in patient-centered care in a multitude of practice settings, including primary care.

  • The goal of the MCW School of Pharmacy is to address the growing need for primary care services, particularly in medically underserved communities. We aim to create team-based practice models that leverage the role of the pharmacist to deliver cost-effective care and achieve better health outcomes for patients.
  • The School of Pharmacy is transforming pharmacy education with an innovative three-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) curriculum featuring cutting-edge technologies, early clinical experiences and interprofessional, team-based learning models.
  • The PharmD program provides training in advanced practice skills, extensive exposure to a variety of clinical settings and world-class research in specialties such as precision medicine, pharmacogenomics, cancer and psychiatry. Our graduates will be fully prepared for the new demands and opportunities of a rapidly evolving profession, with the knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure high-quality healthcare continues for future generations in both urban and rural communities.