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USMLE Step 1

Step 1 Preparation Program
The Step 1 Preparation Program prepares and guides M2 students as they integrate their coursework with Step 1 studying and resources. Small groups provide M2 students with the opportunity to meet monthly with volunteer M3 mentors who guide them through Step 1 content and questions. Large group presentations provide M2 students with the opportunity to review the broader Step 1 topics, such as how to dissect questions, effective study strategies, how to create a schedule, and high-yield subject specific material. A communication campaign is prepared by the Step 1 Preparation Program Team to deliver well-balanced, thoughtful information and to initiate a healthy conversation about studying, resources, and wellness related to Step 1 preparation.

Students are provided with access to the AMBOSS 12-month question bank subscription and a 6-month UWorld question bank subscription that includes self-assessments. A Step 1 Preparation Program module within their Academic Enhancement Brightspace course contains study schedules, banks of resources, M3/M4 strategies, the newsletter series, and more.


Consultation on Strategy & Resources
Academic Support and Enrichment is readily available for rising M4s and regional campus rising M3s to discuss Step 2 CK preparation, strategy, and best resources. Each student will be approaching the exams from a different lens depending on their specialty aspirations, academic background and needs. It’s important to assess goals and resources prior to scheduling. Students may schedule an academic consultation through WcOnline.