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Peer Tutoring Program

About the Program

MCW’s tutor team is available to assist students with the medical school and pharmacy school curriculum, as well as the homogenous pieces of the graduate school curriculum. This team expands to the regional campuses and provides online appointments for quick accessibility. Our tutors work closely with MCW Course Directors, faculty, and staff to provide exceptional academic support and meet the needs of a diverse student body.
When should I consider tutoring?
Whether your goal is to pass or honors a course, tutoring is appropriate for any student who wishes to improve their current study approach and academic standing. Our tutors are equipped with the experience and mastery to assist you in navigating your course material to best understand and retain the most high-yield information. We strongly encourage students to utilize tutoring in a proactive manner. Our office is happy to make referrals depending on your goals and needs.
When does tutoring occur?
Each tutor has a different schedule, and their availability is consistently updated. This allows students to pick the tutor, day, and time that works best for them. There is no central location for tutoring. The tutor you choose will have a designated location for you to meet. You will receive the location information via email.
Is it free?
Yes, all one-on-one tutoring services are free for students.
How do I schedule?
Academic Support and Enrichment utilizes WcOnline for scheduling requests. This service allows our team to easily manage appointments, send reminders and follow ups, and provides an online platform for webcam appointments. Once a student has registered for an account through WcOnline and provided their MCW credentials and information, they have quick access to our services.

Use the following instructions for registration and scheduling assistance:

WcOnline – How to Register for an Account (PDF)
WcOnline – How to Schedule an Appointment (PDF)

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