Medical School

Basic Science Education in the Classroom

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MCW-Central Wisconsin continues to seek PhD faculty who are interested in facilitating classroom learning for our M1 and M2 students. Facilitators might have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sessions based on their interests and availability. All sessions will occur at the MCW-Central Wisconsin campus in Wausau, Wisconsin. Additionally, in the M2 year, there are a number of opportunities for local sessions where basic scientists are paired with clinicians to explore how the science students are learning relates to clinical conditions. 

Time Commitment and Availability

These sessions range from 1 to 3 hours and happen on various days of the week depending on the course and the topic.

Faculty Expectations

  • Apply for adjunct faculty appointment
  • Facilitate one or more sessions as your schedule permits
  • Participate in planning meetings and faculty development sessions
  • Provide feedback on student performance

Availability and Interests

Faculty Information