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Central Wisconsin Integrated Clerkship (CWIC)

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The Central Wisconsin Integrated Clerkship (CWIC) is the clerkship experience for MCW-CW students. Students will experience Surgery, Anesthesiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Medicine, and Neurology core clinical experiences in a longitudinal integrated fashion. Prior to CWIC, students complete their Clinical Apprenticeship course, which consists of experiences in a clinic setting for one-half day a week throughout their M1 year.

Time Commitment and Availability

You (and your interested partners) will supervise a student(s) throughout the clinical experiences. CWIC runs from the end of M1 throughout their final M3 year, year-round, except for April and May (students are not in clinic during their exam weeks or MCW holidays/breaks). Teaching will occur at the site of your choice (e.g. hospital, clinic, OR, ER, etc.).

On average, students will spend ½ - 1 day each week with you. Additionally, students will spend approximately one day in five on call or in the ER/urgent care as best fits their learning needs and local resources. 

Faculty Expectations

  • Apply for adjunct faculty appointment by contacting Kelly Mulder or (715) 870-0915
  • Facilitate direct patient care experience with progressive independence (not just shadowing)
  • Provide regular feedback to the students and complete periodic student performance assessments
  • Participate in a planning and faculty development session, if feasible

View CWIC recruitment flyer (PDF) | View CWIC FAQs (PDF)

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