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Neuro Hero Award

Presented at the Imagine More Dinner

Piero G. Antuono, MD

Recipient of the 2018 Neuro Hero Award

Piero Antuono, MD, is interested in resting-state fMRI (rsfMRI) in aging and dementia, in particular, the development of a clinically useful tool that can help in the assessment of different types of dementia and in subjects at risk for dementia. Ongoing studies have focused on asymptomatic individuals at risk for dementia due to positive first-degree family history of Alzheimer’s disease. Cognitively normal middle-aged children of Alzheimer’s patients have been studied, showing subcortical changes in rsfMRI. More recently a second group has been studied in a pilot study consisting of middle-aged individuals with low and high adiposity, a known midlife risk factor for late-life development of dementia. Another area of interest focuses on the ethics of neuroimaging looking at the societal implication of imaging normal subjects, imaging of personality traits, intelligence, and the use of neuroimaging data under privacy laws.