Current Fellows and Past Graduates

Current Fellows

Katinka Hooyer, PhDKatinka Hooyer, PhD
2015-2017; Family & Community Medicine

Katinka Hooyer, PhD is a medical anthropologist and research fellow in Family and Community Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She focuses on designing and testing interventions for Veterans with post-traumatic stress and moral injury. Katinka collaborates with Veterans to study how their transformative experiences with collective ritual and alternative therapies can provide opportunities to feel more connected to society and facilitate healing. As a community-engaged scholar, she uses interactive art to translate research and share social science knowledge with students and the public. One of the goals of this research agenda is to promote empathy and bridge socio-cultural gaps in understanding through collaborative design.

Courtney Barry, PsyDCourtney Barry, PsyD
2015-2017; Family & Community Medicine

Courtney Barry, PsyD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Barry has a strong interest in Behavioral Health Integration and mentors medical students interested in this field. Her clinical interests include working with children and adults with a variety of mental health disorders. Dr. Barry’s research focuses on trauma-informed care within primary care settings. Her current work focuses on the relationship between types of trauma and healthcare utilization. She is using that data to inform strategies to improve services offered for trauma patients and to develop programs that foster systemic change and promote a biopsychosocial approach to treatment within primary care, including trauma-informed training for providers and staff, as part of the trauma informed care program.

Sandra Bogar, PhDSandra Bogar, PhD
2017-2019; Institute for Health & Equity

Sandra Bogar, PhD, completed her PhD in Public and Community Health in 2016. Her dissertation employed a community based participatory research approach in partnership with Running Rebels community organization to explore environmental health knowledge, attitudes, and perspectives among youth. In her current fellowship, Sandy will to continue to pursue youth‐partnered research as well as investigate interventions related to improving well‐being among providers working with youth who experience trauma.

Jeana Holt, DNPJeana Holt, DNP
2017-2019; Family & Community Medicine

Jeana Holt, DNP, is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing where she teaches doctor of nursing practice graduate students, practices as a primary care provider, and conducts community-engaged research. She is also a fellow in primary care research at the MCW's Department of Family and Community Medicine. Her fellowship projects include a comprehensive hypertension assessment and control quality improvement initiative across specialty and general practice clinics and a randomized control trial investigating an enhanced care program and usual care of medically complex patients. Her fellowship mentor is Dr. Julie Mitchell. She began serving Milwaukee's Immigrant and Refugee population in 2015 as a primary care provider and project coordinator on a $1.5 million HRSA-funded interprofessional grant.

Dr. Holt formerly served as the director of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing House of Peace Community Nursing Center and director of Primary Care Services. She is the current President of the Milwaukee Metro Nurse Practitioners and Omaha System board member.

Constance Gundacker, MD, MPHConstance Gundacker, MD, MPH
2017-2019; Community Pediatrics

Connie Gundacker, MD MPH, grew up on a farm in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Spanish from UW-Madison. Before beginning medical school at UW-Madison she spent a year teaching in Guatemala. During medical school she obtained a Certificate in Global Health and did research on farm injuries in children in Mexico. She completed her pediatric residency at UC-Davis in Sacramento, CA where she started a Reach-Out-and-Read Program and spent 2 months in rural Nicaragua doing clinical work with community health workers. She worked as an outpatient pediatrician with the local health department in Alabama while obtaining a Master’s in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health Policy and Leadership from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her major interest is to improve maternal and child health disparities in the U.S. and globally through community-based research. Her other research interests include: pediatric asthma, community health worker interventions, immigrant health, and the effects of maternal nativity on infant and child outcomes. During fellowship, she intends to put community-based participatory research skills into practice and develop effective community-academic partnerships with the goal of decreasing maternal and child health disparities in the Milwaukee area.

Jamila Kwarteng, PhDJamila Kwarteng, PhD
2017-2019; Institute for Health & Equity

Jamila Kwarteng, PhD, has a PhD in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of Michigan, School of Public Health. She recently completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), where she examined the social patterning of racial and gender discrimination among Black and White women in the Young Women’s Health History study. Dr. Kwarteng’s research focuses on understanding social factors related to persistent health inequities in minority and economically disadvantaged populations. Her primary aim for the fellowship is to conduct intervention research in collaboration with community-engaged projects that focus on weight loss and cancer survivorship.

Past Graduates

(Shown with post fellowship positions - if known)

2015-2017 Jessica Olson, PhD
Assistant Professor for Institute for Health & Equity, Medical College of Wisconsin

2014-2016 Tourette Jackson, DrPH MPH
Adjunct Assistant Professor for Institute for Health and Society, Medical College of Wisconsin

2014-2016 Jennifer Kusch, PhD MPH
Associate Dean, College of Health Science, Milwaukee Area Technical College [MATC]

2012-2015 Elizabeth Duthie, PhD
Research Scientist II, Center for Patient Care Outcomes Research, Medical College of Wisconsin

2012-2015 Nadia Ahmad, PhD MA
St. Louis, Missouri

2013-2014 Michael McCauley, PhD
Research Associate II, Institute for Health and Society, Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, Medical College of Wisconsin

2012-2014 Rebecca Bernstein, MD MS
Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

2012-2014 Cynthia Kay, MD MS
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Administration Medical Center, Milwaukee; Medical College of Wisconsin

2012-2014 Roohi Kharofa, MD MPH
Assistant Professor, Assistant Director of Longitudinal Primary Care Clerkship, UC Department of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

2010-2013 Lisa Bradford, PhD MA
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept of Communications, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute for Health & Society, Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical Ethicist, Ethics Advisory Committee at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

2010-2013 Christina Eldredge, MD MS
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin
Adjunct Professor in Health Informatics, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

2010-2012 Elizabeth Cogbill, MD
Medical Director, CentraCare, Kalamazoo, MI

2010-2012 Natasha Travis, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta GA

2009-2011 Zeno Franco, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Clinical & Translational Science Institute Community Engagement Key Function, Medical College of Wisconsin

2009-2011 Kirsten Beyer, PhD MPH
Assistant Professor, Institute for Health and Society, Medical College of Wisconsin

2008-2010 Kristin Guilonard, DO MPH
Outpatient Pediatrician, Lorain County Health and Dentistry, Lorain, OH

2007-2009 Melanie Hinojosa, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Central Florida, College of Sciences

2007-2010 David Nelson, PhD
Associate Professor, Assistant Director Academic Fellowship, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

2007-2010 Alan Wells, PhD MPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Medicine & Society, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University

2006-2008 Tarik Walker, MD
Postdoctoral Researcher, Pediatrics

2006-2009 Ishrat Siddique, MD, MS
Pediatric Physician with the Next Door Pediatrics of Children's Medical Group

2005-2007: Sital Bhargava, DO, MS
Direct Primary Care Practice [own practice], New Lenox, IL

2005-2007: Kimberly Stoner, MD, MS
Assistant Professor, Department of General Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, Medical College of Wisconsin

2005-2007: Nancy Havas, MD
Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

2003-2006: Tracey Humbert, MD, MS
Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

2003-2006: Laure DeMattia, DO, MS
Family Medicine Doctor, Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, St Louis Park, MN

2002-2004: Michael Weisgerber, MD, MS
Associate Professor, Hospitalist, Department of Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin

2002-2004: Chad Farmer, MD, MS
Medical Director, Lifepath Hospice, Tampa, FL

2001-2002: Evette Kingcaid, MD*
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2001-2003: Daniel Yacono, MD, MS
Faculty Geriatrician, SW GA Family Residency, Atlanta, GA

2001-2003: Greg Sicard, MD, MS
Providence Portland Medical Center, Portland, OR

2001-2003: Josiah Halm, MD, MS
Academic Hospitalist, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

2000-2003: John O'Connor, MD, MS
Family Physician, Hannibal Clinic-Bowling Green, Bowing Green, MO

2000-2003: Rania Dempsey, MD, MS
Sports Medicine, Pewaukee, WI

1999-2001: Robert Montgomery, MD
Colonel, General Medical Officer and Medical Educator U.S. Army National Guard; Korea - Retired

1999-2001: Yolanda Rainge, MD
Community Pediatrician, Children's Hospital Practice Group Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1998-2000: Tammy Sims, MD, MS
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics and Tobacco Research Center University of Wisconsin, Madison

1997-1999: Paul Millea, MD, MA
Lead Physician, Department of Integrative Medicine, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Permanente, Falls Church, VA

1995-1997: Brian Ivanovic, MD, MS
Vice President and Director of Medical Research Swiss-Re Life and Health America; Fort Wayne, Indiana

1995-1997: Cheryl A. Flynn, MD, MS
Primary Care Physician, Student Health Medical Director, Center for Health and Wellbeing, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT


* Community-based Faculty development fellows: enrolled in affiliated program located at Waukesha Memorial Hospital>